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How to Play the Scripture Photo Challenge.

So, you want to play the Scripture Photo-a-Day Challenge? It's super easy! Here's how it works!


How to Play

  • Each Friday, I will reveal a list of SEVEN Scripture references to inspire your photo taking. These Scriptures will be related to the week's blog post.
  •  Simply read the Scripture for the day, pray about the reference, consider the verse, and then take a photo that reminds YOU of that Scripture.
    • For example: For Philippians 4:13 I might take a picture of exercise equipment, a person doing a hard task, or anything that reminds me of my strength being in Jesus. 
  • Next, post your photo to Instagram, using the #MLR_ScripturePADChallenge hashtag.
    • All photos must be your own.
    • If you feel inclined, share about what God spoke to you through that Scripture and why you chose to take the photo you did.
  • Have fun!
  • Share the challenge with your friends!


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