Creating Your Own (or Spicing Up) Children's Bible Study

Photo Credit: Paint photo by Canva

Photo Credit: Paint photo by Canva

Original Series Date:

September 10, 2018 Thru October 29, 2018


This series was created out of a desire to serve Children’s Ministry Workers and Parents. Sometimes we find ourselves in children’s ministry without much of an idea of how to teach the Bible to our kids. With so many different ways kids learn and an abundance of stories to teach, where do we start?

And what if we find ourselves holding a curriculum that just ISN’T working? Maybe you’ve thought to yourself, “I could do better.” But when it comes to making the change, you find yourself unable to switch curriculums simply because you’re not sure what to do?

This series gives you the tools to be able to write your own curriculum to be able to reach your kids where they are. It also gives you the tools to be able to spice up a curriculum you already have.

Watch and be amazed at how God will lead you to be able to minister to your disciples!