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Privacy Policy

What and How This Website Collects Information:

The information that we collect or use is:

  • Email addresses for comments. Note: the exception to this is if you decide to comment on this blog anonymously.

  • Email addresses for subscribing to our website, receiving weekly emails from us, and receiving our freebies. We use Mailer Lite as our email service provider.

  • Cookies for analytics. Both Squarespace and Google Analytics collect cookies to better understand what experience you, our reader, is receiving. This information also helps us to understand what content you enjoy so that we can give you more of it.

What we do with the information that is collected:

We DO NOT share or sell any information that we receive. Your privacy is very valuable to us! When you trust us with your email address, we work to give you useful, encouraging, challenging, and inspiring content straight to your inbox. 

Links to Other Websites:

I regularly share links to other websites in order to provide you with content that encourages, challenges, or inspires. However, I am not responsible for those websites or the opinions expressed on them. Please be sure to check out their privacy policy. 

How to Opt Out:

If you do not agree with the content of my site or emails, feel free to no longer visit my website. Subscribers can opt out of our newsletters and emails simply by hitting the unsubscribe button at the bottom of your last email from Momma's Living Room. You will instantly no longer receive emails from us AND within 48 hours, your information will be completely deleted from our system. 


This privacy policy is subject to change. The changes will be posted without notice.

Any Questions? Feel Free to contact me!

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Terms and Conditions


I would absolutely love it if you shared my content. I am always encouraged when we can share hope for the hopeless heart and help for those looking to take steps towards Biblical hospitality and homemaking. Please keep in mind that the images and written work that you find on this website are under the ownership of Momma's Living Room. You are welcome to share our images if you provide a link back to my site. You are also welcome to share up to 100 words without consent. If you would like to share more than this, please contact Erin Nicholson to obtain written consent ( Feel free to pin my content to Pinterest!

Limitations of Liability:

  • I'm not liable for any omissions or errors on my blog.

  • I'm not liable for what others write in the comments.

A Place for Encouragement, Challenge, and Inspiration:

This is a place for people to come and simply be encouraged, challenged, and inspired in their pursuit of an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. That being said, we will not tolerate bullies and unkind words. Remember what our parents taught us? If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. We take that to heart. As a result, we reserve the right to delete and block those who abuse our Terms and Conditions.

Privacy (See Privacy Policy Above)

Links & Guest Writers

Links: As mentioned above, we are not responsible for the other websites in our links. Please look and read their privacy policy to better understand their websites and conduct.

Guest Writers: We regularly have guest writers on Momma's Living Room. We are not responsible for any omissions, errors, or opinions their posts may have.