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Coming Soon: Simply Living Like Royalty

Have you ever considered how different God's standards are from the world's standards? Have you ever thought about how God's values are very different from the world's values? What about priorities? God's priorities are so backward from the world's priorities, aren't they? 

Our brand new series, Simply Living Like Royalty, explores these differences. We understand that God calls His children to a new standard of living. What does that look like and how does this new standard impact our lives in the here and now? Let's journey together for 35-Days, exploring what it means to live like royalty, to live like God's child.

The Details:

Devotional: Simply Living Like Royalty

Style of Devotional: Simple! You can expect no more than 8 Scripture Verse to read, a short devotional, and a question or two. Each devotional is a page (or less) long.

Cost: Absolutely free!

How to get your hands on a copy: Simply fill out this form to subscribe to Momma's Living Room. You'll receive the devotional right in your inbox.

Release Date: March 30, 2018