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On the Blog: Against the Odds

I imagine the scene that played out between David and Goliath. David steps out onto the previously vacant (for 40 days) battlefield. All eyes were on this battle. Who would win?

Some looked away, having already admitted defeat as they assumed that David would lose this battle. 

Some watched, with great hope, expectant and hopeful of a miracle that might take place and save them all.

Against all the odds, David gained the victory as he slayed his giant.  

Have you ever faced a situation where the chance of you gaining the victory was discouragingly slim? Have you ever walked away victorious against all odds? What did you learn through these situations?

For the next few weeks, we will be examining a few stories to see what we can learn even when the odds aren't in our favor. 

Join us each Friday for a new blog post on "Against the Odds."



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