Hoarding Blessings?
And Moses said to them, ‘Let no one leave any of it over till the morning.’ But they did not listen to Moses. Some left part of it till the morning, and it bred worms and stank. And Moses was angry with them.
— Exodus 16:19-20 ESV

Are we hoarding blessings or giving them away?

How many times have we read our Bibles and read various stories of people in need who had their needs met?

A lot, right?

The whole Gospel story has countless stories of met needs. Some of the needs were physical as Jesus healed the sick, the blind, the lame. Others were spiritual as He freed people from oppression from the enemy. Have you ever noticed that He took care of one MAJOR need we all have? Through His sacrifice, He took care of our need for redemption, salvation, and access to Him. This is just SOME of what Jesus did on the cross! The needs He met seem to grow as I consider my own life and how Jesus impacts it.

Read Exodus 16

But the thing that I notice is the story of the manna. God had blessed His wandering people with food and the simple instructions to only take what they needed for the day (except on the 6th day when they would take a double portion). The people listened, but some took more than they needed and tried to squirrel it away for later. They discovered that their blessing had rotted, bred worms, and stunk! 

But do you notice that they didn't need to squirrel away their blessing? Each day God provided what they needed. Every single day (with the exception of the 7th day) a new crop of this amazing manna was waiting for them to gather it up. 

Friends, God's blessings were never meant to be stored away for safe keeping. 

The point is, when God blesses us what are we doing with our blessings? Are we storing it away, hoarding it for ourselves? Or are we looking for ways to bless others with God's amazing blessings?

When God blesses you financially, do you look to see if another could use the excess of your blessing?

When God blesses you through promotions at work, are you looking to see how you might be able to bless others through your new position?

When God blesses you through influence and favor, are you looking for ways to help others?

Do we just hang onto our blessings or are we looking for ways to give some of it away? 

Are you ready share your blessings?

First, follow God's leading. Ask Him for the opportunities and the right people for you to share your blessings with.

Second, obey God's voice when He nudges you to release some of your blessing.

Thank the Lord for His amazing and abundant blessings!