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Choosing to Truly See the Overlooked Ones

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? You're faced with the unknowns of your situation, scared out of your mind wondering "how am I supposed to do this? God, do you see me?" These are the wrong moments for someone to come in and ask, "How are you?" as they walk away without hearing the answer. These are the wrong moments to be made to feel invisible. "God, do you see me? Do you see the unknowns of my situation? Only you know."

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When Our Motivation is Genuine Love

Have you ever noticed that Jesus is so motivated by love?

He came into this world out of love (John 3:16). He laid down his life for us out of love. He is slow to return out of love. He ate with sinners, healed the sick, delivered the oppressed, fed thousands, all out of love. His life teaches us that when we're motivated by love, we can truly impact the world.

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True Love's Strong Commitment to Loyalty

Ruth made a very strong commitment to loyalty. There is no mention of any regrets, in fact, the opposite is true. She lived up to her promises! She chose loyalty to Naomi and in return, God richly blessed her with a husband, a future, and a legacy. Even in her own lineage, God would bring forth the Savior, the Messiah, Jesus Christ!

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The Unexpected Transformation From Enemy to Ally

There's the promise "follow my lead and I will be with you." God doesn't call us to take journeys or steps without the provision of His presence. He doesn't call us and then leave us alone to walk in His calling in our own strength. When God calls us, He provides His presence and His strength.

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How the Choice to Love Benefits You

For being a month devoted to love, there's a lot of relationships it leaves out. Primarily, it leaves out all of the relationships that AREN'T romantic. What about love between friends? What about love between siblings? What about love between other family members (such as with a favorite aunt or uncle)? What about love towards God? So many relationships get overlooked, yet there's a TON that we can learn from those relationships!

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A Reminder to Love God With Everything

This week has felt more like being lost at sea. Imagine those huge, crashing waves over a tiny little raft, and I think we’ve summed up this week’s motherhood. No matter what I did, I didn’t seem to have an ounce of “control.” Though, with parenting, does anyone have any real control? Most of motherhood is simply influencing our children to making right decisions that only enhance their own growth. This week, I feel like I’ve lost that battle.

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