Wronged and Worshiping

Choosing to worship in the midst of being wronged. 

Choosing to worship in the midst of being wronged. 

How do you typically respond when you have been wronged? Do you run to your friends and talk about how unfair your situation is? Do you bury your hurt feelings deep within your heart and allow it to fester? 

What if, instead of running to our nearest confidante, we choose to pray, praise, and worship? How would that change our outlook on our situation? How could it expand our perspective? How might others be impacted by this baffling choice? 

This morning I have the honor and privilege of being the guest writer over at my friend Vanessa's blog. In my post, Wronged and Worshiping, I lay out this baffling choice to worship God in the midst of being wronged. I definitely encourage you to go and check it out. Once you have, come back and see if any of these eight blog posts give you encouragement and hope as you navigate this new idea of worshiping while wronged. 

Here are Eight Blog Posts to Give you Hope!

Worth Every Pain- In this post, we take a deeper look at Paul (who is discussed in the Wronged and Worshiping post). Paul had an interesting perspective on the subject of suffering. He is no stranger to suffering for the sake of Christ and he counts it a privilege. You will learn about reasons for suffering, where strength comes from, and why suffering encourages us to praise God. 

What's Holding You Back: Grief- Have you ever wondered what God is doing behind the scenes when our hearts are broken because of our suffering? Naomi gives us an excellent glimpse into the truth of what God is doing. Too easily we give into the lie that because we are suffering, that God does not care. That could not be further from the truth. Read my story of loss, suffering, and what Naomi taught me about it all. 

What's Holding You Back: Fear- Gideon's story shows us that no matter what is happening to or around us, that God has a purpose for us in the midst of it all. Our suffering may serve to give someone else hope. Our suffering may serve as a catalyst for someone else's deliverance. While we may spend our time wondering why life is hard, let Gideon's story teach us about our identity in Christ as God's grand plan.

From Enemy to Ally- Jacob and Esau are famous twins that had an incredible fallout. It was so bad that Esau had every intention of murdering his brother. Read about what happened years later when God calls Jacob to return to his brother Esau. What can Jacob and Esau teach us about forgiveness?

What's Holding You Back: Bitterness- When we have been wronged, it is easy to believe that we have a right to hold onto our hurts and allow unforgiveness and bitterness to fester. We do have that right, but we also have the right to bask in the freedom that comes when we forgive those around us. Read Joseph's story and watch the marvelous story of true forgiveness play out in front of you. 

Heroes and Villains: Reuben- Remember Joseph and the coat of many colors? If you remember, Joseph had many brothers that had murderous intentions towards Joseph. If you dive in and take a look, you will notice that one brother stands out and stands up to his younger brothers. That brother is Reuben. Take a look at Reuben's story learn about how our foiled best intentions are enough in the grand scheme of God's plan. 

There's No Comparison- As we read the post, Wronged and Worshiping, let's not forget the three men who were thrown into a burning fire because of their belief that God was worth it. They were unwilling to bow to a false god because nothing compares to the real thing. They welcomed suffering and were even willing to suffer death for the sake of God. Read this post and be blessed by their devotion and reliance on God.

Choose to be Thankful- This is a post that talks about finding reasons to be thankful in the unlikeliest places. This is my own story about how God brought peace into a time of sickness and changed my perspective in the midst of a trying day.

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How do these stories and the story of Paul and Silas change your perspective on suffering for the sake of Christ?