Why Are You Entertaining?

Why Are You Entertaining?

Entertaining is a way to invite people into your home and show them who you are.  It is a way to serve others and to make them feel comfortable so you can nurture and cultivate the relationship into a good friendship.  Entertaining has a very important place in the Christian walk.


Today, I want to talk about an issue that the Lord has been working on my heart over the past year.  It is a sin that I did not realize I was struggling with until a very painful situation brought it to my attention.  The temptation of pride is the issue that I feel most homemakers deal with especially in regard to entertaining.

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit.  Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of others.” – Philippians 2:3

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Who are you trying to please?  Are you entertaining because you have the best house for entertaining and the best dishes?  Or are you entertaining because you want to show the love of Jesus to everyone who comes through your door?

Who Are You Trying to Please?

In my 20s, my greatest idols were Martha Stewart and Sandra Lee.  I wanted to build a homemaking kingdom like them.  I wanted to be perfect in every way and have the best food for the best parties in the best home with the best decorations.  As my husband and I would host our young couple friends, I would put out the best food with the best dishes.  My friends would sing my praises and would tell me how I thought of everything.

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Behind the scenes, I was a frantic mess.  See, I didn’t feel that I could let on that there is a room upstairs that has all of the stuff that wasn’t put away downstairs that we quickly shoved in there before people came over.  I didn’t tell them that the dessert I made was overcooked, so I sent my husband to the store to pick up a nice cheesecake.  I didn’t let on that I was exhausted from working 60 hours at my job that week.  I was worried that one of the guests might notice the chip in the plate at her place setting.  I didn’t tell the guests that I had spent hours crafting the perfect food label cards, table décor, and other tasks to prepare for the evening.

My husband and I were barely speaking by the time everyone arrived because he wasn’t moving fast enough or doing things to my impossible standards.  Now, as the guests arrive, my husband and I are supposed to slap on some smiles and greet everyone as we are holding each other side by side?

I was trying to please myself and my friends.  God was nowhere near the picture I had in my head.  I was entertaining for my glory, not His.


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Last summer, the Lord brought me to my knees to show me just how prideful I was.  I was trying to control everything and everyone in the name of perfection.  I didn’t want people to see the real me and the real feelings I had for fear that they might actually see the real me.  God showed me that I needed to let go of all control.  I needed to give Him my kingdom of entertaining.  

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Instead of focusing on all of the little details to make the event seem perfect, I focused on showing the love of Jesus to my guests through hospitality.  When I started to let go of my own ideals, I started to let other people in to help.  My husband had some really great ideas!  We actually enjoyed preparing for an event because it was both of us together coming up with the ideas and the plan.  Our hearts were aligned with the same mission.  In the past, I would have prepared all of the food so the menu would be cohesive.  My friend offered to bring a salad to our get-together.  I accepted the offer and I’m so glad I did!  Her salad was amazing and I got the recipe to try this summer!

Heart Check

Pride is one of the sneakiest sins.  If you don’t think you are being prideful, you probably are!  Pride is putting yourself and your ideas above other people.  It is saying that being right is more important than relationships.  It is wanting to be in control over everything.  Do you struggle with that?

I challenge you to humble yourself today before the Lord.  Ask Him to show you areas of your life where you are full of pride.  Be still and listen to what the Lord reveals to you.  Who are you trying to please?  Are you entertaining because you have the best house for entertaining and the best dishes?  Or are you entertaining because you want to show the love of Jesus to everyone who comes through your door?  Are you caught up in trying to think of every detail to make your event seem perfect?  Or, are you okay with taking a step back and letting the Holy Spirit guide you in your entertaining?

Meet Katie!

Meet Katie!

Katie White is a Christian modern-day homemaker who shares ideas on organizing, entertaining, raising little ones, and motherhood over on her website, Grace and Thanks. She has a love for hospitality and homemaking, but her greatest love is for her heavenly Father. God continues to be faithful and full of grace as she raises five beautiful children with her husband.

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