Where Will You Place Your Trust?

Where will you look for victory?

Where will you look for victory?

I remember the first time I had ever driven a car. My dad had stopped a little ways away from our house, the equivalent of three city blocks in most places, and offered to let me drive. I was terrified and excited. I got behind the wheel and felt how easily the family's van moved. It required little effort on my part to get the van to reach any speed limit. I remember being struck by the thought that I was in control of a vehicle that could literally kill someone. I had so much respect for the machinery and I still do. I am fully aware that any vehicle has the potential to take a life. 

I remember when my dad was teaching me how to navigate an intersection. I think the intersection is where I would usually terrify him the most. As a seasoned driver, I now know that that there is a certain rhythm to how the cars move. Based on that rhythm, we know when to ease our way into the intersection and when to make our turn. As an inexperienced driver, I was very unfamiliar with this rhythm and made a lot of mistakes that put the panic in my dad's voice. He would play it off with a joke, but he has a way of laughing that he uses to disguise his discomfort. His jokes were always Nascar related, "Green light, green light, go, go, GO!" In my fear, I would hesitate. I would turn at the wrong times (usually prematurely). It took some time to learn the rhythm of the road.

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One part of learning to drive that has always stuck with me was my dad's insistence of when to crawl out in the middle of the intersection or when to make my move when making a right turn. He would look at a car that would have its turn signal on, signaling its desire to turn into where I was turning out of. My dad would see all the signs the driver would turn- the turn signal, the slowing down of the vehicle, even the car moving over into the turn to make room for the cars behind it- and he would tell me to go. I remember thinking that this is what faith was. Faith was trusting that the driver was going to be doing what they claimed to do. 

Sometimes it is really hard to trust that the driver is going to do what they say they are going to. Take that driver who has been driving for miles with their turn signal on, but shows no interest in slowing down to make a turn. Consider the out-of-towner who has been using the turn lane as an extra lane because they are very lost. Think about the new crop of inexperienced drivers out on the road today. 

Where will you place your trust?

Read Psalm 20:7-8

Some trust in chariots and some in horses,

Are we going to be trusting in those other drivers? Is our trust going to be in the government? Is it going to be in humans? If driving has taught me anything about humanity, it is that we are flakey, constantly changing our minds, and we are not very reliable. Sometimes we are selfish. Sometimes we are impatient. Sometimes we make incredibly unwise decisions. 

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Humans lack the ability to be all-seeing, all-knowing, and everywhere. Our wisdom is limited. Our resources are limited. If we place our trust in humans we will find ourselves being let down a lot. If we place our trust in our own abilities and the work of our very own hands, we will also find that our trust is misplaced. 

But we trust in the name of the Lord our God.

If we take a moment and consider a time when God worked for our good and the good of those around us, I am positive that we would come up with quite a list. God is dependable, reliable, faithful. God is full of more wisdom than all of humanity combined and His wisdom is trustworthy. God is all-knowing, all-seeing, everywhere. His resources are unlimited. If we place our trust in God, we will never be let down. We can truly trust that He has our best interests in mind and that He cares for us. 

They collapse and fall, but we will rise and stand upright.

Where will you look to find victory for the battle you are facing? Where will you look to find provision where you have lack? Where will you look for guidance in the midst of uncertainty? 

We have two choices, we can choose to place our trust in humanity or in God. One of those options will give us the victory, provision, and guidance. The other will let us down with a counterfeit version of victory, provision, and guidance. God is worthy of all of our trust, the other is not.

What are you needing today? Do you want the genuine version from God or the counterfeit version from humanity? 

Where will you place your trust?

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