When Grace Chooses Us For An Unexpected Blessing

When Grace Chooses Us For An Unexpected Blessing

Have you ever waited a long time for God to fulfill His promise to you?

Maybe you’re waiting for a loved one to know Jesus in the same way you do.

Maybe you’re waiting for a dream house or a dream job to become something more tangible than just a simple dream.

Maybe you’re waiting for a child to become yours through adoption.

Maybe you’re waiting for a baby to come from your own body.

Whatever you’re waiting for, you’re not alone in the wait!

Twenty-Five Years.

That’s about how long Abraham and Sarah waited for God’s promise to be fulfilled.

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Long enough to question God’s attention and care to their problems. Long enough for doubt to creep in— over and over and over again. Long enough to find God’s already absurd plan (remember, Abraham was 75 years old when God first called Him) even more incredible. Long enough to give up hope that God’s promise would ever come to fruition.

So when God brings up this promise again, is it any wonder that both Abraham and Sarah laugh?

I think about my rambunctious children and I honestly don’t know that I could be a first-time mom in my 90s or 100s. Could you? Could you become a first-time parent in your Golden Years? While all of your friends are reveling in their retirement and even talking about great-grandchildren. How absurd would it be to be talking to them about giving birth at such an old age. Let’s face it… 90s are old when you’re talking about parenting for the first time! For that matter, so is 100!

Abraham and Sarah laughed. They laughed in disbelief. They laughed out of that place of having already given up on this dream of parenthood and biological children. They laughed as if they’ve heard this promise before, but have yet to have received it. Why? Because they had heard this same promise for nearly twenty-five years and yet, they weren’t parents. Why get your hopes up, right?

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Except, this time was different. They weren’t going to have to wait. In just a few months, Sarah would be feeling those “bubbles” of movements in her stomach from her small babe. Within a few months after that, she’d be feeling full on kicks and hiccups and stretches from that promised little one. In a year, they’d both be holding God’s tangible promise in their arms and they’d give him the name, Isaac. A few weeks after that, they’d see their little one smile as a reminder that it was silly to have ever doubted God in the first place.

Grace is defined as undeserved favor. I don’t know why God chose Abraham and Sarah to be the parents at such an elderly age. I don’t know why he chose them over other countless couples who longed for the same promise. But what I do suspect is that God chose them to show the rest of us that truly nothing is impossible with Him.

All that waiting you’re doing as you long for God’s fulfilled promise… Nothing is impossible with God.

Simply Gratitude

God had chosen Abraham and Sarah for this unexpected blessing. Can you imagine them in the wee hours of the morning with their newborn baby, completely overcome by the beauty and grace of God’s fulfilled promise? When they counted Isaac’s fingers and toes and experienced all of Isaac’s firsts, do you think they felt that this whole experience was undeserved favor? I bet they couldn’t help but praise God for His blessings and for this amazing gift and journey!

When we’re waiting for God’s promises to be fulfilled, let’s remember the special and sweet grace that He has given us. Let’s revel in the undeserved favor of our long-awaited fulfilled promise. Let’s thank and praise Him that His Word is trustworthy and that we can rely on Him to fulfill all of His promises to us!

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