When Grace Blesses Us With an Unexpected Future

When Grace Blesses Us With An Unexpected Future

Is it any wonder that the people of Jericho saw their destruction as imminent?

Rahab knew of God’s reputation. She had heard about how He had split the Red Sea to allow His people to cross through to freedom. She had heard all the stories.

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Now, this foreign army led by a powerful God was knocking at Jericho’s door. Jericho knew that they’d soon be destroyed. Their hearts melted in fear at their impending doom. Rahab knew that Jericho would be destroyed. How could they stand up to a God who could split the sea and defeat the Egyptian army in one fell swoop? But unlike the people of Jericho, she chose to submit to this foreign God and His people. She hid His spies in her home and protected them. She made a deal with His people and in return, they spared her life and the lives of her family.

What’s more, she left behind a life destined for destruction to take a hold of an eternal future. A future that brought forth king David and Jesus, the eternal King who sits on the throne of David.

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Simply Trusting God Through the Christmas Story

I can’t help but think that Rahab’s life is so much like our own.

Before Jesus, we live a life that is on a path towards our destruction. The things we had reveled in were the very things that would bring us death. Everything about us just told God we wanted nothing to do with Him. Yet, He continued to woo us through His own son’s life.

Then somewhere along the way, we hear about this powerful Jesus who is able to forgive us of all of our sins. We heard how He died on a cross just so that we might live. Then we hear God’s call that anyone who believes in Jesus will not perish, but have eternal life.

A God who can save us from our sin? A God who freely gives us eternal life through His marvelous grace? A God who offers freedom?

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How can we stand up under this undeserved favor? This beautiful grace drives us to our knees where we submit our lives to Him. We give Him our lives to do with as He pleases. And God doesn’t take this submission for granted. He takes our submitted hearts and our submitted lives and gives us an eternal future. He loves for us and cares for us as we are His own child, adopted into His beautiful family. Rahab was loved and cared for too. She lived as if she were an Israelite and had always been an Israelite. She was adopted as God’s own daughter, much like we are.

How beautiful is this love! How stunning is this grace!

But the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord
— Romans 6:23b ESV

We’re headed into the Christmas season and I can’t help but think of the Christmas story when I think of God’s astounding grace. I think of Jesus, leaving behind the splendor of heaven to put on human flesh and enter our world as a lowly baby. He came into this world as Emmanuel, God with us. He came to introduce us to our Heavenly Father and to invite us into His family.

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If we want to talk about receiving the best “Christmas” gift, look no further than the manger. He came into our world while we were still His enemy. He extended this grace, this undeserved favor to us when we didn’t even show an inkling of interest in salvation. But he went even further. He extended this grace with no strings attached. There’s no need to work for it. It is truly a gift. All we have to do is accept it.

Will you accept it?

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