What's Holding You Back: Reflection

If you haven't been following along, we just completed an eleven-day series (today would be day twelve) where we dove into eleven hindrances that held us back from pursuing God and His call on our lives. It was a challenging and encouraging series that I hope you will take the time to check out!

As we reflect on this series, I couldn't help but be drawn to Isaiah 43:19:

My prayer is that as God challenges us, encourages us, and changes us that we would be able to look back on our lives and see the new thing that God did in us. I'm so thankful for a God who cares enough about the little details. I'm thankful that He doesn't want me to stay the same, but rather He draws me closer to Him. My prayer is that He would draw all of us closer to Him. I want to look less like me and more like Him, don't you?

Let's take this day to reflect on the series and memorize Isaiah 43:19. If you have missed any posts in the What's Holding You Back series, be sure to click on this link

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While reading this series, what did God speak to you?