Welcoming Jesus to Your Table

Welcoming Jesus to Your Table

There are various memes out there that express the same sentiment. That sentiment: I get my best cleaning done ten minutes before someone comes over. The more time I have, the more effort I put into cleaning the house. 

I remember one time, just shortly after I got married, my mom was coming to visit. I spent days cleaning. When I ran out of the big stuff to do, I started working on details that she would likely never even notice. I cleaned baseboards, I dusted lightbulbs, I ran a broom across the entire ceiling to get rid of any microscopic webs. I went crazy. 

To be clear, my mom isn’t one that would ever care about any of this work being done. Sure, she might have liked things straightened up, but she would never have cared about the above-and-beyond effort I put into my home prior to her arrival. She was coming to see me, not my house. Still, that knowledge didn’t stop the crazy cleaning lady from showing up.

I’ve calmed down in recent years. Somewhere along the way, I figured that if people truly wanted to see me, that they would care a little less about the condition of my home. The crazy cleaning lady has been tamed, for the most part. 

Maybe you’re like me, when people are coming over to your house, you feel the need to go above and beyond to make your guests feel welcomed. Might I share what God has been speaking to my own heart?

What is the point of putting all that work into preparing our home for our guests, if we neglect the most important part?

Our guests don’t need a magazine-worthy home to step into as much as they just simply need Jesus.

The cleanliness of our home will always pale in comparison to our overwhelming need for Jesus. We need Jesus. Our guests need Jesus. 

Have you thought about how you can welcome Jesus to your own table?

As you prepare for your guests to arrive, why not take the time to welcome the best guest of all. 

Take the time to prayerfully invite Jesus. There were countless people in the Bible who invited Jesus to sit at their table. Some of them seemed to understand that what Jesus had to offer was something that their whole household and their friends could benefit from. Jesus offered hope, He freely gave of His presence, and He made everyone feel loved and accepted. Jesus was the perfect guest!

Take the time to pray for your guests. Pray for safe travels. Pray for open hearts that are ready and willing to receive what Jesus has to offer. Pray that He would speak to their hearts in the midst of the meal that you are preparing. Not every sermon is spoken through Sunday morning church. Not every sermon even uses words. Sometimes the best sermon is the one that God speaks to hearts through the common and every day, like in the midst of a shared meal. 

Take the time to pray that Jesus would meet your guests’ needs. When Jesus was invited to people’s houses to share a meal, it wasn’t uncommon for Jesus to heal people or speak a much-needed message. Do you realize that Jesus can (and still does) meet needs? Give Jesus the freedom to use you, your words, and your life. Allow Him to use you to speak much-needed messages that your guests need to hear. As Isaiah prayed, “Here I am, Lord. Send me!” Allow Him to guide your words, your actions, your life, and your feet to accomplish Kingdom work.

Take the time to pray for your guests’ eyes to be opened to see and accept Jesus. Whether our guests are believers or not, each one of us has a place in our hearts that needs to be yielded to God. Pray that as our guests share their struggles, their frustrations, and their successes that their eyes would be opened to see and accept Jesus in the middle of it all. Pray that every area of their lives would be touched by God. Pray that their areas of chaos would be touched by His calm. Pray for their areas of fear to be touched by faith in Him. Pray that their eyes are opened to the constant faithfulness and love of our God. Pray for the unyielded parts to be yielded to Him.

Let’s not fall into the trap of believing that our everyday moments can’t be profound stages for God to make Himself known. 

He has a plan for us, our families, and our communities. Let’s do our part to invite Him into the intimate space of an everyday dinner and our quiet conversations.

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