Let's Watch and See What God Does!

Watch and See What God Does!

Today’s Reading:

Psalm 62:1-2 | Matthew 6:8 | Hebrews 13:8

I am a worrier. When something bothers me, I am someone who will talk about it to death with my poor husband. I will think about it, pray about it, beg and plead God to change it, and even try and figure out how I can do something about the problem. Does this sound like trust to you?

It does not sound like trust to me either. 

This morning, while reading my Bible, I was struck by those words “waits in silence.” As the morning has progressed and as I have dwelt on this thought of waiting in silence, I have noticed that for my mind and heart to be silent when something is bothering me, it would truly be trust. 

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Trust is a journey that I will likely be on all of my life. Every time I think I am trusting God, He calls me to deepen my trust just like He has done through reading my Bible this morning. He has shown me that trust is deeper than simply bringing my requests before Him. Trust is being silent knowing that He has heard me. Trust is being silent, trusting that He is working towards a solution.

What are we trusting God for while we wait in silence?

We trust God for our hope. Do you ever look at the world around you and find yourself questioning how such a large and complex problem can be solved? This question pops up in large and small ways. This year, we anxiously watch the news as various countries around the world are being affected by hurricane after hurricane. One hurricane already presents a complex problem, but multiple hurricanes? How do we take care of every person who is grieving lost loved ones and lost memories? How do we help every single person who has lost a home? What about their immediate needs and their long-term needs? The problem gets so big and it is easy to look at such a complex problem and feel that the whole situation is hopeless. In the midst of the hopelessness, God offers hope. The problem starts looking a little smaller when heroic acts are shared. The problem looks a little smaller when large groups gather together to travel and help be part of the solution. God brings hope to the hopeless

We trust God to be our immovable foundation. So many things in our lives can change within a matter of a moment, but you know what will never change? God. I find comfort in the fact that building my life on Him means that my foundation is strong and that it will not move. I remember living in Seattle when I was nine-years-old. So many other schools have fire drills, but Seattle was the first place I have ever lived when they had earthquake drills. Having never experienced an earthquake, I was thankful for every lesson taught to us, such as what to do when we are outside and an earthquake happens. As I thought about God being our immovable foundation, I thought about how scary life would be if the floor (our foundation) moved beneath us. Nothing would be stable. Everything we built would be at risk of falling down and falling apart. But God, as our foundation, does not move. God does not change. He stays the same. Building our lives on an immovable foundation means that what is built on the foundation will last. 

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We trust God to be our refuge. He is our refuge, our shelter, our hope, a reliable Person to place our trust. When our worries overwhelm us we can come to Him to be our shelter. Have you thought of what we trust God for? Have you thought of what we will find in that shelter? We trust God for guidance when we are doubtful of which direction to turn. We trust God to protect us when we are in danger. We trust God to provide for us when we are in want. We trust God to strengthen us for whatever He has called us to do. We also trust God for a refuge and a place to rest when we are weary. Why do we trust God for all of these things? Because He is trustworthy. He is sovereign. He is for us and not against us. He knows us (and our needs) better than we understand them. 

Friends, He is reliable. When we come up against a problem that overwhelms us to the point that we pray it to death, just take a moment and be silent. Pray for rest for your mind and your heart. Be silent and watch as God provides you with hope. Look at your feet and let them remind you that He is our immovable foundation. Remember that God is our refuge, our shelter, and fully invested in working out a solution for your problem.

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