Trusting God to Provide

Trusting God to Provide


I personally wanted to invite you to check out our new Simply Trusting God Through the Christmas Story devotional. This new devotional journeys through each of the characters in the Christmas story, focusing on ways that each person had to trust in the Lord to do their part. 

The Simply Trusting God Through the Christmas Story devotional has a very simple format. There are a couple of verses, a short devotional, and some questions to get you thinking about trusting God with your own life. 

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The following is an excerpt from the Simply Trusting God Through the Christmas Story devotional:


Trusting God to Provide

Read Luke 1:6-7, 24-25 and Luke 1:36-37

Elizabeth’s story is one that causes me to sit in wonder. She is a woman facing many obstacles. She was “advanced in years,” she was barren, and presumably, beyond child-bearing age. But here’s the part that causes my mouth to drop: Elizabeth still asked.

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In Luke 1:13, we see that Zechariah’s prayer had been answered, but I don’t think it was just his. I believe this was a prayer that was shared by both Zechariah and his wife. Zechariah would know Elizabeth’s desire for a child. Zechariah would have been there all along, month after month, year after year when Elizabeth would share that she wasn’t pregnant. Still, they approached God’s throne and asked for a child. 

What’s mind-boggling is that the obstacles they faced, they faced together. They were both old. They were both unable to have a child. Yet, they still asked God to do the impossible! They saw their obstacles and they knew that no matter how things looked that God had the final say. 

We catch them at a place where it seems they begin to doubt. They look at the impossible of their situation and maybe they begin to stop asking God to do the miraculous. But when the miraculous happens, Elizabeth trusted that God would provide a child and when she did become pregnant, she couldn’t help but be thankful. Where Zechariah had a hard time trusting the message, Elizabeth readily accepted the impossible. She was quick to give thanks to the Lord for this impossible miracle. 

Zechariah and Elizabeth’s faith was so big that they believed that God could do the impossible through their situation. They believed it so much that they asked God to do the impossible. What are you facing today? Pray that God expands your own faith to ask Him to do the impossible. Remember, no matter how impossible your situation may look, God still has the final say. 

“For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37 ESV


  • Are you asking God to do the impossible?

  • Do you truly believe that nothing is impossible with God?

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