Trusting God for Mentors and Mentees

What happens when we are ready to be a mentor or to be a mentee? What next?

What happens when we are ready to be a mentor or to be a mentee? What next?

How do you find a mentor or a mentee? 

Recently I read the book Table Mentoring: A Simple Guide to Coming Alongside by Sue Moore Donaldson. The book is full of incredible information for anyone who might be interested in a mentor/mentee relationship. The best part is that it is perfect for those who read and those who may not enjoy reading. It is a short book (around 50 pages of it is actual book content) and the rest is resources to get you started. 

The question I was left with after reading this book was how to get started?

How do you find that mentor or that mentee? 

This morning, I could not help but think of one of the most famous mentor-mentee relationships in the Bible. The relationship between Elijah and Elisha. 

Read: 1 Kings 19

This is probably one of my favorite stories in the Bible. I find that it is so easy to relate to Elijah here. How many times have we found ourselves feeling exhausted, stressed, lonely and defeated? That is the exact place where we find Elijah. 

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He had just come off of an incredible high. He had seen God move on his behalf. He had won the battle of "which God is real" by showing that the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob was that God. If you have never read the miracle of the Prophets of Baal Defeated, then I encourage you to read 1 Kings 18:20-40.

After this incredible miracle and defeat, word came that would shatter the miracle of the moment. Jezebel had threatened Elijah for killing all of the prophets of Baal. With that message, Elijah's peace had taken flight. It had left the building. Soon Elijah was running.

Elijah ended up having this incredible and famous conversation with God. From that conversation with God, we learn that sometimes God's voice comes in the form of a low whisper. I even marvel that Elijah instantly recognized the voice of God and knew that it was in the whisper and not in the wind or the earthquake. Elijah tells God how he felt that he was the only prophet of God's left (even though we know that is not true). He tells God how his own life is being hunted. 

God's response to Elijah was that he should return to his work. Also, God gave Elisha to serve as Elijah's successor. Elijah left his conversation with God to take on a mentee, to take on a friend and a partner in ministry. God was so faithful to Elijah!

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This is where the mentor-mentee relationship begins. Elisha would learn everything he needed to from Elijah. Elisha would be able to eventually take over the ministry. Neither Elisha nor Elijah were alone in their ministry. God had linked them together in this important relationship.

So back to the original question, when we read this book and find ourselves asking "What's next?" When we find ourselves wondering how to get a mentor or a mentee, remember this story. God provides the right people at the exact time for these roles in our lives. When our hearts are open, available, and willing to accept this new relationship in our lives, God will bring them along. The seeds will have been planted and the hearts will have been prepared. Our job is to listen with open hearts and ears and to trust God.

God will provide. He's waiting for you and me to be ready to step into this relationship! Are you ready? Are you praying for this person and this new relationship in your life?

Get ready to be taken on the most beautiful, encouraging, and life-changing ride of your life!

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