Three Things To Know About the Kingdom of Heaven

The Value of this Attainable Gift

The Value of this Attainable Gift

Do you ever consider your favorite Christmas gift (or birthday gift) you’ve ever been given? Every now and then that question pops up and I immediately have my answer. Of all the Christmas gifts my parents ever gave me, only one stands out as the best. Why was it the best? Because I wore that thing out until it died! The gift was a cd player. The cool part of this gift was that it came into my life about the time that cassette tapes were fading out and CDs were coming into view. So my cd player actually was a cd and cassette playing device. 

I even remember going to the music section at any store and finding it divided in half. There was the cd half and the cassette half. I remember watching the cassette half get smaller and smaller until one day it simply didn’t exist. When I’m a hundred and people consider all the things I would have experienced, that was a pretty fun one! 

Anyway, that cd/cassette player was by far the most valuable gift to me. I would listen to music constantly on it. There were days when 8+ hours of listening pleasure weren’t unheard of. There was something about being connected to all sorts of music that, as a teenager, made me feel somewhat understood. There was the angrier music for those moments when I was just angry. There were those hopeful songs when I felt hopeless. And eventually, when I gave my life to God, there were songs that even helped me connect to Him in praise and worship. 

Even today, you’ll find me listening to a great deal of music. My own children find themselves constantly exposed to not only a variety of songs but a variety of genres and even a variety of decades of music. We have come so far in music technology! Back when I was a teenager, we were limited to like 17 songs max, now we have an endless array of music at our fingertips! 

So what’s your favorite Christmas gift that you’ve ever received?

Read: Matthew 13:44-46, Jeremiah 29:13

What I love about the people described in Matthew 13:44-46 is that they weren’t necessarily experts. The merchant probably was an expert in identifying valuable pearls, but the man isn’t necessarily an expert. It doesn’t say if he found his treasure just lying there on top of the soil how we might find a $20 bill just flapping in the breeze. It doesn’t say if he were actually searching for the treasure and had an idea of where to dig. Here’s the thing: To discover the beautiful treasure of Heaven, we don’t have to be experts, we just have to be searching for it. Isn’t that wonderful? We just have to look and our promise is that we will find (Matthew 7:7-8).

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Here’s the thing: To discover the beautiful treasure of Heaven, we don’t have to be experts, we just have to be searching for it.

Three Things We Learn About The Kingdom of Heaven:

The Kingdom of Heaven is available for ANYONE to find. While thinking about these verses and praying about it, God made it clear that the Kingdom of Heaven is attainable. It’s within reach of every person. Doesn’t that make Heaven feel so much closer that each of us can reach it, we can all touch it. All we have to do is search and we will find! 

The Kingdom of Heaven is immediately defined as being of great value. Those who lay their eyes on their treasure were able to distinguish its value. So many times you hear Christians (myself included) who talk about how we just couldn’t imagine life without Jesus in it. We understand the value of Jesus’ sacrifice, the value of eternal life, the value of Heaven, and the value of spending the rest of our lives following Him. There’s no limit to the value of Heaven. Those that laid their eyes on the treasure and on the pearl of great value immediately recognized its value. Those who experience Jesus in their lives (our treasure) immediately recognize the value. 

God made it clear that the Kingdom of Heaven is attainable.
It’s within reach of every person.

The Kingdom of Heaven was worth giving everything up in order to be kept. The man who finds a treasure gave up everything WITH JOY in order to have it. I just love how both this man who found the treasure and the merchant who found the pearl both happily sold everything to attain it. What good are our belongings when we compare them with the Kingdom of Heaven? What good is the raggedy of this world compared to the priceless of the eternal? 

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When we consider the gift we've been given, it's hard to not immediately notice the value behind it. That cd player's value was evident when I used it until it died. Heaven is much more valuable than my little cd player. Heaven's value is immediately felt and noticed through the life of Jesus Christ. 

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