How Our Community Can Change Our Perspective On Homemaking

Why We Need Community

“I get my best cleaning done
 ten minutes before
someone comes over.”

This was a little meme I came across some months ago that struck my funny bone. Can you relate? Some days this meme is far more accurate than others, but the sentiment is the same. I usually realize the importance of hospitality and homemaking when someone announces that they’re coming over. It’s also plainly obvious when someone drops by, unannounced.

You see, I don’t always love cleaning the house. With young kids, I find that I usually repeat cleaning tasks multiple times a day. It’s exhausting. It doesn’t take a whole lot for my frustration to become evident to my family. It also doesn’t take much for me to forget why I’m cleaning in the first place. And no, the answer isn’t “because it’s dirty.”

Read Colossians 3:23-24

When I’m struggling with burnout in homemaking and when all I can focus on is the frustrating parts of my never-ending chores, I rely on a simple trick. This simple trick is my greatest secret. The secret? I simply invite someone over to my house. When I invite someone over to my house, I’m far more motivated to get things straightened up and looking GOOD! When I have guests coming over, soon my list looks less daunting. I also tend to do less procrastinating. Having a nice, clean house becomes a joy rather than a chore.

But here’s a question. would we respond the same if we knew that Jesus were coming over? Would we take care to see to every detail, big or small, in hopes of gifting Jesus with a clean and beautiful home with cheerful attitudes?

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I love how working to gift my guests a clean home to walk into becomes a sweet gift I receive from as well. It’s not only in that I can enjoy the cleanliness of my home with my guest, it’s that my guest happens to change my perspective on homemaking.

Here’s why we need community:

Our guests remind us to worship. I don’t know about you, but my attitude is far better when I know that I’m working for Someone else. When I’m cleaning up the toilet for the third time today because my friend is coming over, I have a far better attitude while cleaning the bathroom for the third time. When we begin to have a whole different focus on our work, it can truly become an act of worship to God. The cleaning isn’t about me. The cleaning reminds me that even my home is a place for me to worship God. If we’re doing our tasks as if we’re doing them for God, then God, please make everything my hands do, my mouth speaks, and my heart is filled with, be an act of worship to you!

Our guests remind us to serve God and His purposes. Simply put, cleaning our homes is not about you and me. It’s about God, His plan, and His purpose. What does God want to do in our homes? What does God want to do through our homes? I like to think of my home as a mini-sanctuary or a miniature altar where God can and will do some incredible work. Homemaking is more than just cleaning, it’s ministry. Am I submitting to God’s will and plan for my home?

Our guests remind us to serve God with a cheerful heart and to have a heart filled with gratitude. Does it ever boggle your mind that God, who created the world we live in, wants to include you in His ministry and mission to the world? Think about it! He doesn’t want us to be little lumps on logs, He made us and He wants us to be actively involved in reaching the world for Him. I just think it’s incredible! It leaves me in awe of God’s great plan. I’ll say it again, “He wants us involved.” Is there any other reason to be thankful? Is there any other reason to approach our own homemaking with cheerful and grateful hearts?

I don’t know about you, but I’m so thankful for the change in perspective that my own guests give me. I’m thankful that God uses them to take my mind off of the chore and put it onto Him, because homemaking was never about the chore, but all about Him. 

How have your guests changed your perspective on homemaking? 


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