The Lie of the "Just a..." Mentality

The Lie of the "Just a..." Mentality

Pleasantly surprised and humbled. 

That’s how I felt when God opened my eyes to a lie that I didn’t realize I was believing. He showed me the lie and gave me a sample of the truth. Friends, that truth humbled me. It surprised me. It convicted me.

You see, I live in a culture where being a stay at home mom isn’t really valued. Being a mom isn’t valued, but staying home to take care of my own kids seems to send the message that I have no ambition and that I am lazy. I fight this belief constantly and am quite frustrated when others seem to not respect my time due to the fact that (they think) I’m always available at the drop of a hat.

Sometimes I am, but not always. 

I remember flying east to visit my family when I met this man on the plane. He asked what I did and I respond, “I’m just a stay at home mom.” He looked at me and he says, “Not ‘Just a’! That’s an important job!” I was floored. Nobody cares about the stay at home mom. They care about the world-changers, not the ones who are raising world-changers! This extreme compliment came from a man who was so successful and so ambitious that I listened to his job description with my mouth scraping the floor. 

But recently, I was reminded of the lie of the “just a…” sentence. As I looked at my special needs child who was very sick, I realized that being a stay at home mom is so valuable. If to no one else, it is to him. He always has someone who is available to help him stay healthy. He has someone who checks him during the night to make sure he’s alive and stays that way. When he is frustrated and grieved by his illness, my arms are there to comfort him and lift his head to the God who is in our midst. Both of my children have the gift time with their parents, unending love and care, and incredible support. They have parents who fight for them constantly. 

So why do I buy into the lie of the “just a mom?” Why do I fall into this trap? 

I’m not elevating being a stay at home parent over any other calling God can place on one’s life. What I’m pointing out is that God has placed this calling on my life and I’ve spent a lot of time dismissing its importance. Do you dismiss the importance of the simple and humble callings that God has placed on your life?

  • Peter’s mother in law could have said, “I’m just a homemaker." She was a homemaker who took pride and joy in her ability to serve and she served Jesus.

  • Stephen could have said, “I’m just a waiter.” He served God’s people and used it as a platform to reach others for Jesus. He was also the very first martyr for Jesus’ sake.

  • Mary could have just said, “I’m just a girl.” Yet, this “just a girl” became known as the mother of Jesus.

When we buy into the lie of the "just a..." mentality:

  • We believe that our contributions are too small to affect eternity.

  • We run the risk of not giving our best efforts and not working as if working for the Lord.

  • We miss out on seeing the true blessings God has given us.

  • We’re looking at God and telling Him that His sovereignty, care, and plan isn’t good enough.

  • We miss out on serving Jesus!

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of the “just a..” lie! I’m convicted of my lack of vision to see beyond myself, beyond my circumstance, beyond my culture, and to the face of the one who has placed this calling on my life! No calling is too small. No place in the body of Christ is insignificant. God hasn’t placed me on the sidelines, holding me in reserve, until a later day when I can make an impact on the Kingdom of God. God has placed all of us “in the game” wherever we are at in this season to point to Him and to impact eternity. 

So in the midst of the everyday moments of preparing meals, cleaning the house, taking care of the constant needs of my family, I’m impacting the Kingdom of God and eternity. Am I submitting to God’s leading on my life? Am I trusting that even in the seemingly small and unseen callings that God will have the glory? Am I trusting that He has perfectly placed me in this position and in this season?

Let this truth humble you, surprise you, convict you, and change your perspective. 

Let’s get to work, friends. Let’s bloom in this season, in this position, and in our callings! Let’s make an eternal impact on the world around us.

Keep your eyes on Him! 

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In what way has believing the "just a" lie impacted your life?