The Incredible Value of Your Awesome Lesson Wrap Up

The Value of the Lesson Wrap Up!

You’ve just finished up teaching the bulk of your lesson. YOUR lesson! The lesson that you put such care, attention, consideration, prayer and love into. The lesson that teaches these students a moving truth about our incredible God. Will you allow this lesson to fizzle out, or will you finish strong?

To let your lesson fizzle out is to forego a conclusion altogether. I mean, ending on a high note while you’re pressed for time isn’t a terrible idea, is it?


You haven’t told these kids what to do with the information they’ve received. You haven’t told them how to apply these truths throughout the week! In fact, by ignoring the conclusion and wrap up portion of your lesson, you’ve planted the seeds but will they ever take root?

So how can we encourage these seeds of Truth to take root in these kids’ lives? We choose to be as intentional with the wrap up as with every other part of our lesson.

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Here are a few elements I include when I wrap up a lesson:

Talk about ways to apply this lesson to their lives TODAY and THIS WEEK! Consider challenging the student to apply this lesson in some way and return the following week with their results. Maybe your lesson is on kindness. You could encourage the student to do a simple act of kindness and return to share what they did the following week. Please note: If the application involves an adult’s help, write a little note to mom and dad in advance. Share with them what their child learned and how they can encourage further learning during the week.

Repeat the memory verse one more time. Remind your little listeners about the memory verse’s importance and how it related to the lesson.

Discuss what everyone learned. Simply asking “what did you learn today” encourages the listener to think over the whole lesson and what stuck out to them the most. As a teacher, listen closely. You never know what profound nuggets will spill out of these precious mouths. This is the moment where the teacher becomes the learner!

Remind them of the lesson’s objective. What was the purpose of everything they’ve learned. Remember how we talked about being able to sum up the entire lesson in one sentence? Talk about that sentence. Why did they learn this lesson and how will it help them in the future?

Don’t leave them hanging!

Remember, the lesson’s wrap up is like the conclusion to a really good book. Don’t leave these little ones hanging! Don’t let them wonder what to do with what they’ve learned, give them an outlet and a practical way to use what they’ve been given.

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