How Can We Handle a Change In Seasons?

Are You ready to step into the new season God is calling you to?

Every now and then I’m completely caught off guard.

I’ll look at one of my sons and be struck by how much older they seemed to look. I’ll take note of the fading baby look, the fading little boy look, and take note of how they’re practically in college! Sure, they’re only 4 and 6 right now, but the more I notice these changes, the more I realize that their time in my home is very short-lived. Soon they won’t be little boys, but adult men. Soon they won’t be following their mom around the house, they’ll be providing a house for the mother of their own kids. 

Life goes so fast, yet in the middle of the everyday moments, I’m seeing the little changing seasons.

I had a conversation with my oldest son about Jesus. He became insistent on praying that special prayer and inviting Jesus to come into his heart. This leads us to a different spiritual season.

I’ve started noticing that my four year old doesn’t need me to hold his hand while we cross the parking lot. This is a new season in his development.

I’ve noticed that my oldest no longer needs a nap. I realized this when I realized that we had gone from fading out the naps to no longer even thinking about giving him one. This is a new season in his development.

My husband has recently entered into a season of grief as he mourns the loss of his grandpa. This leads to a new season of rest and remembrance for my husband.

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Look at all these different changes. They remind me of trees being blown in the wind. Sometimes the tree leans one way, then it quickly moves another. Sometimes these seasons last a while, sometimes they change quickly.

Are we exercising wisdom in the midst of these changing seasons? Are we watching for how our ministry to our family is changing?

Read Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

When I read this passage in Ecclesiastes, I’m struck by how some of the seasons are spread out (time to be born and a time to die). I’m struck by how there are seasons within seasons (keep silent and speak up can be done at the same time we’re keeping and casting away). There’s a season for everything, but do I have the wisdom to see which season I’m in? Do I have the wisdom in sensing when the season is about to end and another one is about to begin? Do I have the wisdom to do my part in each season?

How can we handle a change of seasons?

Consult God. I think of the subtle and apparent changes in seasons in the Bible. I think of seasons of war when different people consulted God for direction and wisdom. I think of people seeking God on the direction of where to go next. There are so many people who sought God in the midst of every season as well as the changing seasons. What does God have planned for our current season? What does He have planned for our next season? What lessons is He trying to teach us to prepare us for what’s coming next? What should be our focus, our priority, our value, and our routine in this season?

Pray for Wisdom. When I think of the changing seasons, I think about how loud, frustrating, and distracting some of them can be. It’s like diagnosing a complex problem, so many symptoms, but what’s the root cause? To me, praying for wisdom is akin to cutting out the distractions and getting to the heart of the matter. What should I be focusing on? When God makes the problems evident, am I listening to His wisdom on how to proceed?

Pray for a Clear Direction. Have you ever noticed that with a lot of problems, there are usually countless ways to solving them? When you put together a puzzle, how you finish it might be entirely different from how someone else might complete it. So many ways, but what is the best way? What is the best way for you to proceed in doing your part in this season? Because there are so many ways to proceed, consult God on what is the best way for your situation. 

Step into the New Season. This season is going to happen whether you want to enter it or not. What I mean by stepping into this new season is to simply obey what God has laid on your heart. Step into it after consulting God. Step into it with the wisdom He gives (James 1:5). Step into it with clear direction, or however much He has already revealed to you. Prayerfully step into this new season and prayerfully consult God every step of the way. 

Have you already entered into a new season? Is there a new one on the horizon? How will you minister in the midst of these changing seasons?


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