Thankful that God is Able to do the Impossible

Thankful that God is Able to do the Impossible

Have you ever experienced a miracle without realizing it?

Many years ago, I was part of a drama group that would occasionally travel to be a part of various outreaches to teenagers. I remember acting in one of my favorite dramas. In this drama, you watch the life of this girl play out and realize how Jesus was there all along. She just didn’t see Him. In the drama, she ends up going to a party, right at the moment when she would be injected with drugs, Jesus sticks His arm so that He dies in her place. Writing this simply doesn’t do the scene or the drama justice, but just know that it’s an incredibly powerful scene where our eyes are opened to the fact that Jesus took our place. We should have been the one to die on the cross, but He took our place.

So, after that drama, we did a second one where my character kind of narrates and acts out a scene. What I didn’t know was that when the last group had done that drama (the prop we used was a vitamin b shot in a glass syringe), the glass had shattered into a few pieces. As I did my part barefooted, I stepped all over and through the mess from the vitamin b shot. After I was done, I went and sat in my place, and everyone was so concerned about whether or not I had gotten hurt.

First, I didn’t know that the glass was broken. Second, I didn’t get cut. And Third, there was no trace of even the liquid on my feet. God had protected me without me even knowing. The impossible had been accomplished even though I wasn’t expecting or asking God to do it. How amazing is that?

The Impossible

There are so many impossible stories in the Bible. There’s the virgin birth, multiple people having babies when they’re too old to bear children, people being transported miles away, not to mention water being divided so people can walk through on dry land, rocks that streams of water come out of, manna from the sky, and the list goes on and on and on. 

Even in our own lives, we see the impossible. We hear a diagnosis from the doctor and they basically tell us how it is. Maybe they tell us that there’s no cure for our disease. Maybe they tell us that our disease is terminal and we only have x number of months left. 

We look at our situation and we see the impossible, but God sees the possible. 

Believing the Impossible

What I love are the stories where the characters truly believe in the impossible. They believe that God could raise the dead. They believe that God could heal every sickness. They believe, despite any physical evidence, that God has the final say! 

Take Abraham, for example. He prepares to sacrifice his one and only PROMISED son on the altar and he seems to do it calmly. He assures Isaac that God will provide the sacrifice, yet we read in Hebrews that Abraham reasoned that God could raise the dead. This story strikes me to the core when I realize that there is no story in the Bible, prior to Abraham, that talks of God raising the dead. Abraham believed that God could raise the dead even without reading or hearing about others’ stories of God performing such an impossible miracle! 

Do you believe that God could perform miracles you haven’t ever seen or heard of before? Do you believe that God can truly do the impossible with your impossible situation?

Asking the Impossible

The Bible says that if we have faith like a mustard seed that we can tell the mountains to move, and they will move. The smallest faith could make the impossible happen. Can you imagine looking at your favorite landscape and changing it all with mustard-seed-sized-faith and a simple command? Yet, the Bible tells us that this is possible with faith. 

So why do we hesitate to ask God for the impossible? Why do we ask God to meet our needs and not exceed our needs? Why do we ask for our loved one to have better cell-counts rather than a complete and full healing? Why do we ask God for one child and not multiple subsequent children? Why do we ask God to pay one bill and not all of them? 

Do you see where I’m going with this? Why don’t we ask God for the impossible victories?

If we look at the impossibilities of our situation and we truly believe that God can do the impossible, then maybe we should start asking Him to turn our seemingly impossible situations into possible victories?

I’m going to get really honest with you, friend.

My mom is a brain aneurysm and two-time stroke survivor. The doctors say that she will never see 100% healing. I have found myself challenged and convicted by my small faith as I look at our impossible situation (never seeing 100% healing) and only asking that He make her happy with her new life. If God is able to heal my mom to that 100% (or better), then why am I asking for God to simply make her happy and to help her make do with her situation? Why am I not asking for mountains to be moved in her life? Why am I not asking for 100%+ healing? Why am I not asking for God to turn the impossibilities into possibilities?

Friend, where you grieve and where your heart hurts, don’t just ask God to do a minimal miracle. Ask God to increase your faith to see that He is truly able to do the impossible. 

Won’t it be amazing when people start inspecting the impossible miracle that God performed in your impossible situation? Just like I couldn’t help but praise the Lord for His miraculous protection with my feet, you won’t be able to help but thank the Lord that He is able to do the impossible.