Thankful for God's Friendship

Thankful for God's Friendship

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I am personally inviting you to check out our new Simply Being Thankful 30-Day Email Devotional. Simply Being Thankful journeys through many different reasons to extend our thanks and praise to God for His many blessings He gives to us. 

The Simply Being Thankful devotional has a very simple format. There are a couple of verses, a short devotional, and some questions to get you thinking about God's blessings in your own life. 

The following is an excerpt from the Simply Being Thankful 30-Day Email Devotional:

Thankful for God’s Friendship

Our Closest Friend

Read John 15:12-15 and Proverbs 18:24

God is too busy to deal with my little problem.

God doesn’t care about my silly little worries.

I can do this myself.

What danger is there when we think that God is too distant to come in close! Our little problems matter as much to God as our big ones do. God absolutely cares about our “silly” little worries as well as our big worries. 

I consider the way that so many people throughout the Bible spoke to God. When they got angry, they made sure that God knew about it. When they were confused or felt abandoned by God, He listened to them! When they were at the end of their ropes, unsure of what to do, God came in close and became their strength, their joy, and their provision. 

If our best friend cares about our problems and worries, no matter the size, then why wouldn’t God care about them? Isn’t God a much better and closer friend than even our best friends?

We have an incredible blessing in our friendship with the Lord! God sticks even closer than our best friends and our families. God encourages us to share our lives with him, even the problems and worries that we deem to be insignificant. 

How can we not give thanks and praise God for His incredible friendship?



  • Consider God’s friendship in your life. How has He been a friend to you? 

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