Thankful for Favor

Thankful for Favor

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I am personally inviting you to check out our new Simply Being Thankful 30-Day Devotional. Simply Being Thankful journeys through many different reasons to extend our thanks and praise to God for His many blessings He gives to us. 

The Simply Being Thankful devotional has a very simple format. There are a couple of verses, a short devotional, and some questions to get you thinking about God's blessings in your own life. 

The following is an excerpt from the Simply Being Thankful 30-Day Devotional:

Thankful For Favor

When God’s Plan Calls Us Higher.

Read Genesis 39:20-23

Joseph had been favored his whole life. 

Joseph was favored at home. He was his father’s favorite son. He was blessed beyond what his brothers would receive from their father, but God’s plan was for Joseph and would far exceed the limitations of Jacob’s favor on Joseph. 

Joseph was favored in Potiphar’s house. Potiphar had seen God’s hand on Joseph and put him in charge of all that he had. God’s plan for Joseph’s life would far exceed the limitations of serving in Potiphar’s house and Potiphar’s favor on Joseph.

Joseph was favored in prison. The jailer trusted Joseph so much that he placed Joseph in charge of other prisoners. God’s plan for Joseph’s life would far exceed the limitations of what Joseph could accomplish in a prison cell and the jailer’s favor on Joseph. 

It’s easy to look at all the bad stuff that happened, but maybe it’s time we focus on what was actually going on. No matter where Joseph ended up, he was promoted to the limitations of the season. How much further could Joseph had gone in his father’s house; as the youngest son, he already had everything Jacob could have given him. How much further could Joseph have gone as a slave when he was already in charge of everything Potiphar had? How much further could Joseph had gone in prison as a prisoner than being in charge of the other prisoners? Joseph outgrew the different seasons God had purposefully placed him in and God moved him onwards and upwards.

God had purposefully taken Joseph through each season and Joseph did his best with each opportunity and responsibility. Will our attitudes match Joseph’s, even when the season doesn’t make sense?


  • What are the limitations of the season you’re in?
  • Are you taking the opportunity of this season to grow and be all that God wants for you?

Simply Being Thankful

Simply Being Thankful

Do you want to bust out unique answers that cause others to dig deeper into their own reasons for being thankful?

That's part of the reason why Simply Being Thankful was created. The other part was an attempt to help count our many blessings we have because of God's incredible goodness. 

My prayer is that in each day spent in this devotional causes us to praise, worship, and thank the Lord for our many blessings and for His goodness towards us. As we travel through this devotional, may He inspire many "thank you, Lord" whispers. May our eyes be opened to His ever-present presence in our lives.