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How to Choose the Right Crafts and Activities to Make Your Lesson Exciting

Have you ever googled different activities you can play? A search for “Icebreakers” alone yeilds thousands of results, if not millions. How do you know which game is the right game to play for your lesson? How do you pick the best game in a sea of great games?

What about crafts? How do you pick a craft that best reminds these kids of the lesson they just learned? Are you stuck with yet another paper craft? How can you pick the best craft to remind your student of the exciting lesson they just finished learning?

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Exciting Ways You Can Encourage Kids to Memorize Scripture

But, if we had God’s Word hidden in our hearts, it would change everything. Wouldn’t it?

Comfort would be a thought or a whisper away. Wisdom and truth completely available to you when you need it. Words for your prayers when you’re struggling to find the right words to speak, would be found in that hidden treasure chest inside your heart.

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How to Inspire Children with Your Exciting Bible Lesson

Over the years, I can think of a few different instances where leaders have inspired children through the Bible stories they've taught. One specific image pops into my mind. She got up in front of the students and taught about how we should be a light. She was wearing a train engineer's outfit and carrying a lantern. I don't remember all the words she spoke, but what stands out to me is the passion with which she taught her lesson. Every kid's eyes were on her, completely mesmerized and inspired to live their lives by being a light.

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3 Fun Ways to Creatively Introduce Your Exciting Lesson

The introduction to our lesson really is setting the stage for what our children can expect from us for the rest of the lesson. It's our opportunity to tune the atmosphere, energy levels, and expectation to the lesson that God has for us all to learn in this session. So let's talk about three adaptable ways to introduce a lesson that fits with most any energy level (serious and low key, or high energy).

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How Praying for Your Lesson Makes It Better

The One who was present in every story we read is also the One who leads us in our Bible study lessons. How incredible is that? Even more incredible is that He knows exactly what each of us needs to hear at exactly the right time. When we allow God to lead us in our preparation, He will allow us in the most powerful executions of that lesson. 

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