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Unexpected Gratitude and the Beauty of a Simple Thank-You

It makes me wonder, how often do we even notice our answered prayers? How often do we notice our answered prayers and then give thanks and praise to the One who answered them? Just like my student's gratitude so moved my heart, I'm pretty sure Jesus loves to hear of our gratitude! 

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When Grace Chooses Us For An Unexpected Blessing

Twenty-Five Years.

That’s about how long Abraham and Sarah waited for God’s promise to be fulfilled.

Long enough to question God’s attention and care to their problems. Long enough for doubt to creep in— over and over and over again. Long enough to find God’s already absurd plan (remember, Abraham was 75 years old when God first called Him) even more incredible. Long enough to give up hope that God’s promise would ever come to fruition.

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Learning to be Content in the Blessings God has Given.

I feel that we don’t always notice these blessings due to our busyness and striving for more. We’re distracted with the search for more money, better jobs, bigger houses, etc. Do we notice the blessings God has already given us today? Do we slow down and find ourselves happy and content with what we’ve already been given?

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