Speaking With Kindness

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When you think of treasures, what do you think of? 

Recently, I watched a documentary that followed some treasure hunters. Off the ocean floor, they brought up these huge, expensive, priceless pieces of ancient art that took my breath away. The statues looked lifelike as if the ones with faces would begin to speak with you at any moment. I was blown away by the pure gold pieces that were untouched by marine life. These are riches! These are the pieces that people sell everything to claim as their own, right?

But then I think about the treasure we have in kindness. I think about how God, out of this incredible treasure, hands us such valuable and priceless pieces. One of these priceless pieces is kindness. I think about the few moments and acts of kindness that blew me away in my own life. Why are these moments so few and far between? Why is kindness so rare when each of us possesses the ability to speak and act with kindness at any and every moment of the day?

Read Ephesians 2:1-10

Ephesians 2 shares about how before God, we were all walking a path that led to destruction. We were all blindly following our enemy to our death. It’s not that difficult to fall for Satan’s lies. It’s not difficult to trade true love for the counterfeit. It’s not difficult to trade complete forgiveness for revenge. It’s not difficult to trade genuine kindness for tolerance. It’s not hard to trade the genuine for the counterfeit because the counterfeit just seems easier. It’s easy to buy into Satan’s lies and trade the genuine for the counterfeit. 

But God!

God loved us even when we actively chose to continue following the enemy. God loved us so deeply and wanted the genuine for us, not some counterfeit. The genuine is satisfying and life-giving. The counterfeit will always leave you unsatisfied and it will suck the life out of your soul until there is nothing left. God, through His grace, offers each of us a better life through Jesus Christ. Out of His vast treasure, He hands us many priceless pieces including true love, complete forgiveness of our sins, and genuine kindness that will leave you in awe and wonder. 

So what does this have to do with speaking with kindness and being hospitable with our words? 

Kindness in Ephesians 2:7 is the same word used in Galatians 5:22 and it refers to a useful kindness. Meeting needs in God’s way with God’s timing. Friends, this is only a small glimpse into what the word really means. There’s simply no word in the English language that satisfies the definition of the word kindness. Our glimpse into understanding what kindness truly is is by watching God and trying to be more like Him. 

So when we see God pull out kindness from His vast treasure and hand it to us in the form of Jesus Christ, I really have to question my own kindness to my own people (the people who live in my home and those who will come through the doors of my home). 

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Not only should I carefully watch my acts of kindness making sure they reflect God’s kindness, but am I also speaking with kindness? Do I choose to speak harshly? Do I choose to be helpful and kind with my words and actions? Is kindness a common response in my home?

It’s easy to look at my family through my exhaustion and grumpiness and snap at them to “find something else to do and to leave me alone!” It’s easy to pounce on their forgetfulness and act out of my frustration and hurt. When I feel taken for granted as a stay at home mom, do I treat my family harshly in response? As silly as it sounds, do I treat my family unkindly while demanding that they treat me with kindness? 

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When others walk into my home, do they see and hear me treating my family as if they were treasures and masterpieces created and designed by God Himself? Am I treating my guests as if they were treasures and masterpieces created and designed by God? Do I even notice God’s fingerprints on the people I love and cherish around me?

Because if I’m noticing God’s fingerprints and if I truly believe that they are designed and created by God’s own hand, then why would I speak in such a way as to tear down His wondrous work? 

My prayer is that my home becomes a treasure chest of kindness. May my home be like those museums stuffed with amazing and priceless artifacts. May my home feel like kindness has been gathered there! 

Most of all, may others experience God’s kindness towards them by how I speak and behave around my family.

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