Six Simple Tips to Jumpstart Your Quiet Time

Looking to Jumpstart Your Quiet Time?

Are you longing to revive your passion for your quiet time? 
Are you a brand new Christian who doesn't know where to go or what to do next?

Join us as we dive into Six Simple Tips to Jumpstarting Your Quiet Time!

Jumpstart Your Quiet Time

Introducing These Six Simple Tips!

I remember being seven years old, having heard of Jesus from my mom. I didn't know where to go after making my decision to follow Jesus, but I knew that we should read the Bible. So I picked up my Precious Moments King James Version Bible and got to reading. Only I had a major problem. I didn't understand what was written. 

This led me to come to the wrong belief that God didn't actually love or care about me simply because I couldn't understand His Book. 

Have you ever been there? You're so overwhelmed with how to live out your walk with Jesus that you're not sure where to do or what to do about it. Maybe you struggle with feeling like you're doing it all wrong.

Or maybe you've been a Christian for a long time, but your quiet time is stale and lifeless. Is there a way to breathe new passion into that precious time with God?

These reasons are why I wrote these simple tips!

Through these tips, I share my favorite tools and tricks for diving deeper into my relationship with God. 

These six tips cover:

  • Questions to ask yourself to really get your heart and mind thinking about the text you're reading.

  • Easy (and free) ways to take advantage of commentaries.

  • My favorite tricks for memorizing the Bible.

  • Tips for your prayer time (and a tip for the easily distracted).

Ready to dive into these tips and tricks for your quiet time?

All you need is the Downloadable PDF, about 15-20 minutes of your time each day, and an open heart.

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