Simply Trusting God Through the Christmas Story

Are you ready to focus your heart on trusting God?

For eight days we will journey together as we dive into the Christmas Story.

We will be looking at each person in the Christmas story and how they trusted God.

Simply Trusting God Through the Christmas Story

Simply Trusting God
Through the Christmas Story

Christmas has a way of pulling our attention in several different directions. There are decorations, food preparations, cookie exchanges, church events, family events, Christmas gift exchanges with friends, travel arrangements to be made, houses to clean, and the list continues. 

How about in the midst of all the pull and distraction, we take some time to truly reflect on the reason for this season? Let's focus on Jesus. Focus on Emmanuel, God with us. 

In this study, Simply Trusting God Through the Christmas Story, we look at the different characters that make up the Christmas Story and examine how they had to trust God to do their part. Sometimes they doubted, sometimes they rose with great faith, but in the end, they had to rely on and trust Him. 

Let this season and this study remind you that God is worthy of your trust. Let us trust His vantage point on our lives, trust Him to be faithful to His Word and promises, and trust Him to spend our lives well. 

Are you ready?

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