Simply Slaying Giants


Are You Ready to Slay Some Giants
And Secure Your Freedom?

For twelve days we will journey together
as we consider ten giants and how to defeat them.
We will look at ten different Biblical characters and
examine how they defeated these giants and we, too, can secure our victory. 
Let's do this!

Simply Slaying Giants Free Devotional

Simply Slaying Giants

Remember that story of David and Goliath? Remember how David was such a little guy against Goliath’s giant frame? I can only imagine how this battle must have looked to David’s vantage point. He was little. He was young. He was inexperienced. He had literally walked out onto the battlefield, anticipating victory. The rest of his countrymen had expected his defeat. 

I imagine God taking David by the hand and imparting strength, confidence, and a fearlessness that only faith can muster. God knew how this battle would play out. He knew who the champion would be.

Do you realize that He also takes us by the hand, leads us out onto the battlefield, to face our giants? Maybe our giants don’t look like Goliath. Instead, maybe our giant looks something like the giant of loneliness, insecurity, past regrets, or temptation. Maybe our giants look like something else entirely. 

It doesn’t matter what our giant looks like. God is holding your hand and imparting strength, confidence, and a fearlessness that only faith can muster. God knows who the champion of this battle will be. Best of all, even in victory, God isn’t about to leave your side. God will stand right there with you as you slay your giants. God is standing there anticipating your victory, ready to carry His champion on His shoulders. That champion is YOU!

Get ready to spend this next 12 days looking at ways to defeat some overwhelming giants. Maybe you’ll discover the secret to slaying your giant.

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