Shepherding My Children

Hey, Friends!

I'm so excited to FINALLY introduce our newest series! Have you ever longed for an instruction manual for parenthood? I have two young little boys who simultaneously drive me up a wall and leave me in a puddle of slobber from their hugs and kisses. They're my greatest blessings and my top responsibilities (outside of my relationship with God and my husband). 

It wasn't too long ago when I was struck with the knowledge that how I lead my boys today will affect their future and the future generations. I want to lead my boys in a way that is lasting, that is GOOD, that is rewarding to both them and me. Leading them towards God, considering their future (and future spouses), there's so much for them to learn and I've only got a short period of time to teach it all!

That's when God laid on my heart that He's the Good Shepherd. He's my Father. He's the Leader of my life. While you might be sitting here thinking, "duh, Erin. You aren't saying anything new..." Let me remind you that anything we experience in parenting has already been experienced by our heavenly Father. He might not give the ten best diaper changing tips in the Bible, but He has some great training for us parents to consider and adopt. An instruction manual really did come with kids!

In this five-day series, we'll be examining five parenting lessons Jesus taught us through His life in the Gospels. 

Each day's post will be accompanied with a FREE Bible Study worksheet. (FREE as in no strings attached and no email address required!) In these worksheets, you'll be able to examine the Bible for yourself and consider how to apply its truths to your own life and in your own journey to shepherding your children. 

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