Setting Our Minds on Things Above

What Does It Mean to Set Our Minds on Things Above?

Have you ever met someone who has recently given their heart to the Lord? I’m talking about the person who is overwhelmingly passionate about Jesus. They’re the ones who are the most evangelistic people you’ve ever met, bringing many people into a relationship with Jesus. They’re the ones who happily spend 5+ hours a day reading and studying God’s Word and then doing what it says. Pray without ceasing? For these precious ones, that’s no problem at all!

Why is it, do you think, that we all tend to lose that forest-fire sized passion for Jesus? Why is it that we find ourselves struggling to pray for just five minutes a day or even crack open our Bibles? Why is it that we begin to struggle to introduce others to Jesus? Why does our passion dwindle?

Have we lost our focus? Have we become distracted by worldly things, losing our heavenly focus?

Read: Hebrews 11:13-16

Hebrews 11 is such an interesting passage to me. We look at person after person who had an incredible faith in God and His promises to them. Yet, this particular passage (vs 13-16) speaks of a steadfastness that we are all apart of. People like Abraham realized they were simply passing through. They looked forward to heaven and realized that they were passing through earth. While their body was on earth, everything else: their minds, their treasure, and their hope all resided in heaven. 

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Is this how we live? Is this how we view life? Are we just passing through or have we taken up a permanent residence here on earth? Remember those crazy people, those fools for Jesus, we talked about at the beginning of this post? They’re the ones who are just passing through! Are we one of those crazy people or are we struggling to pray even for five minutes each day? Because if we find that our passion has dwindled, chances are, we may be trying to take up a permanent residence here on earth. 

So let me ask you… Heaven or Earth… where does your true loyalty lie? 

Quick! You can only pick one answer, not both!

Read: Colossians 3:1-4

When we choose to be loyal to God’s heavenly Kingdom, we acknowledge that we are just passing through this earthly one. Our treasure, our hope, and even our minds should reside in heaven, much like those brand new baby Christians we talked about earlier.

What does it mean to have our minds reside in heaven?

It Means Living Our Resurrected Life. Colossians 2:12 talks about being buried with Christ through baptism and being raised to life through our faith in God. But do you notice, we’re raised to NEW life, not the life we just buried. Jesus didn’t call us to die to ourselves, be raised to life in Him, only to continue living the same life as before. We’re to live this new life as a new creation representing Jesus’ heavenly kingdom.

It Means Focusing on Jesus. How often do we wander through this life with our eyes aimed at our feet, completely absorbed in what’s here and on earth? The Bible challenges us to look up, where Christ is, and to not be absorbed by what’s on earth, but on Him. How can we practically do this? We can do this through praise and worship, through offering Christ thanks for simply being Him. We can do this by praying and asking Jesus to give us His perspective. Let’s look up by paying attention to Jesus’ call and mission for our lives. Let’s not be so absorbed by this earth that we lose sight of Jesus!

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It Means Living for Jesus and Hiding Our Lives in Him. Do you realize that when we give our lives to Jesus, we’re handing him the reins to our life? In fact, it’s not our life, but His. Paul puts it best in Galatians 2:20 when he says, “I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I that live, but Christ who lives in me…” (ESV) Paul lived his life for Jesus. Every breath he took and spent was done in praise, worship, prayer, and furthering Jesus’ kingdom (not his own). Is this how we live our lives? Are we passionately living for Jesus and building up His kingdom or are we spending our time building up our own kingdom?

Going Deeper:

So what if our passion for Jesus has dwindled? What if we are struggling to crack open God’s Word to even pray for five minutes a day? What do we do?

  1. Examine your life. Where do your treasure, hope, and mind reside? Are they in their heavenly home or have they taken up an earthly residence?

  2. Do you need to rededicate your life to Jesus? Do you need to hand Him the reins of your life and allow Him to spend your life as He sees fit?

  3. Pray that the Lord would revive and renew a fresh passion for Him, His Kingdom, and His Mission for your life.

  4. Don’t wait for the desire to read your Bible and pray. Set the time aside to read your Bible and to seek God’s face!

Where do your treasure, hope, and mind reside?

Abraham, amongst others, understood that the earth was not his home, that he was just passing through. When we live our resurrected life, when we focus on Jesus, and when we live for Him, we also live our lives as if the earth is not our home. Heaven is where our treasure, our hope, and our minds reside.

Let’s choose to not be distracted by worldly things. After all, we’re just passing through!


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