Series Interrupted

Good Morning Everyone!

I just wanted to interrupt our Let's Talk About Love series with a bit of an announcement. 

How many of us know that sometimes, despite our best planning and intentions, life happens. This past week my family has gone through another round of sickness. It's a bout we've been enjoying for about a month. I use the term "enjoying" quite loosely. Due to my own sickness and doing the "mom" thing of taking care of the rest of the family, there are a few posts I have been unable to write. There simply hasn't been the time nor the energy to accomplish any writing. So, in an effort to continue caring for my family and myself, there will only be two posts this week. Please check back on Thursday and Friday for brand new posts!

While you're waiting for new content, please keep my family in your prayers as we navigate our miserable sicknesses. Be praying that we all end up healthy for a very long time!

Thank you!