Rebekah: Considering the Future

His mother said to him, ‘Let your curse be on me, my son; only obey my voice, and go, bring them to me.’
— Genesis 27:13 ESV

I've recently read a book that talked about chasing down the consequences of our "yes" or our "no". The idea was to help the reader make right decisions in the midst of our emotional responses to a need. But I can't help but think that maybe we need to chase down the consequences of the advice that we give our children. How will our advice affect their future? How will it affect ours? Will it bring about unity or destruction?

Read Genesis 27

In this chapter, we read of a mother (Rebekah) who planned on deceiving her husband into giving their youngest son his blessing before he died. That blessing was meant for their oldest son. As you can imagine, when the deceit was discovered, it led to a lot of anger (murderous rage and intention), and ultimately resulted in disharmony, disunity, and she would miss out on the coming restoration (many years down the road). 

I've often wondered about this whole situation. Upon the Jacob and Esau's birth, there was a prophecy that younger one would serve the older one, but I question if that had to happen in this way. Did it have to come about out of deceit, anger, and bitterness? Would God's intention have been that Rebekah misses out on the future with her family (Rebekah isn't mentioned after this chapter, so I assume she died before her husband)? Ultimately, I question if Rebekah had allowed things to go on without her interfering (husband to bless their older son, Esau), would God have turned things around and fulfilled his prophecy? 

It breaks my heart to think of a family so ripped to shreds because of a mom's desire to give her favorite child the best of everything. It also causes me to consider my own motivations, intentions, and to chase down that decision to see what it could look like in the future.

Consider the Future

Considering the future considers how my actions and words will affect my whole family, not just part of it. It's easy to think selfishly and to manipulate situations, circumstances, and people to get what we want. But is choosing selfishness what we really want? Selfishness divides, selflessness unifies. Which would you want? Division (and all the stress that comes with that) or Unity (and all the joy and peace that comes with that)?

Considering the future considers unity and harmony. I am a huge fan of happy hearts and smiling faces! I'm an even bigger fan of my children having happy hearts and smiling faces (and belly laughs) towards each other. I know, that when I look at the future, I won't always be around but my kids will always have each other. The decisions I make today will impact my children's relationship tomorrow. Do I want them to always rely on God and each other, or would I rather them view the other with jealousy and bitterness? 

Considering the future hopes to avoid needless heartache as we make right decisions. What would have happened if Rebekah had chosen silence and hadn't tried to manipulate her family? What would have happened if she had chosen unity rather than disunity? What could she have gained by chasing this decision down? 

My desire for my family is unity. I desire a peacefully and happy harmony. Is this what you want? Let's turn to God to guide our words and our footsteps. Let's consider the future and our part in it. Let's choose unity!