Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Trusting God when you are worried. 

Trusting God when you are worried. 

This has been one doozy of a week! On Sunday, our car died. We spent the whole week researching possible (cheap) fixes that would magically fix the car and make it run better than ever. By Thursday, we were pretty certain that we'd need to see a mechanic AND that we have a pretty good chance of having to replace our entire engine. That was just our car. Six other unexpected bills, ranging from $10 to a possible new engine, popped up and I was overwhelmed! 

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Read Matthew 8:23-27

This is a story of another storm. In this storm arose worry and fear. This storm, like mine, was beyond their control. The disciples saw this storm rise up, the wind blew across the sea, and the waves rose. In the midst of this storm, they called on Jesus to save them because they HOPED He could do something about their situation. And you know what? He saved them AND in a way they weren't expecting!

Here's what we can all learn from storms

Storms happen. They come in varying degrees of severity. They come unexpectedly and sometimes we see them coming. Sometimes we're given a warning and time to prepare, other times they come when we were least expecting them. Storms happen. They happen for a reason, even if the only reason they come is simply to remind us that God is bigger than the storm. 

We can find peace in the midst of the storm. Jesus slept even while the waves rocked the boat. He slept during the noise that came through the storm. He slept even when the people around Him were gripped with fear. When they woke Him up, the storm still didn't cause Him fear. It doesn't matter what storms we face when we can gaze upon the face of complete calm. When we lock eyes with the Prince of Peace, the noise quiets, the rocking waves don't feel as big, and we're confident that everything is going to be alright. Even in the midst of my storm of a week, when I prayed, God reminded me that He is my provider. He reminded me that it's all going to be alright BECAUSE He is in control. The storms are scary, but the Prince of Peace has got this taken care of!

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Jesus has the authority to calm the storm. He "rebuked the winds and sea, and there was a great calm." How beautiful is that "there was a great calm." Jesus has the authority to calm our storm. He cares about our storms. He cares about our fears. Yet, even in the midst of this storm with the disciples, He also cared that their faith was increased. I always imagine Jesus' reaction to the disciples' panic to be of a chuckle. The disciples had NO IDEA what Jesus was capable of. I imagine that He wakes up, sees their panic and lack of faith and with a sort of chuckle says, "Guys... don't panic... I've got this." I mean, if we had unending money and a loved one, not knowing that we had just come into unending money, came to us and confided that they were overwhelmed with some financial burden. Wouldn't we kind of chuckle as we say, "Hey, I've got this. There's no need to worry." Hey guys... Jesus' got this. There's no need to worry!

I can't help but feel at peace when I consider Jesus' unending authority over my own storm. If He can calm the disciples' storm with such ease, then my problems aren't nearly as big. Even better, Jesus is bigger than my storm! He's bigger than your storm too. When the storm gets overwhelming, let's lock eyes with the Prince of Peace. Let's feel that confidence race through our worried heart. Let's relax, knowing that Jesus's got this and there's no need to worry!

Jesus' got this!

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