New Series Coming March 6th!

I'm really excited about this new series coming up on March 6th! Living Like Royalty! We're often reminded that we are children of God, but what does that mean? How does being a child of God impact my "real" life? With this series, we will be taking 5 weeks to learn exactly that.

The best part is that for the 5 weeks that we are studying what it means to live like royalty, the blog will be undergoing a bit of a change. Everything will look exactly the same except for the format.
1. You'll have access to a FREE (as in, no strings attached) weekly downloadable packet to help you Study the Bible and what it means to live like royalty. 
2. Each week we will learn a new aspect of living like royalty together, but it will come in the form of five short devotionals. 
3. Each devotional will be discussed as a community in our Facebook Group
4. This is open and available to EVERYONE! So if you know someone who would like to be a part of a five-week long study on living like royalty, invite them to join our Facebook Page and Facebook Group!

I hope that you will join me in this great and exciting study! I look forward to diving into His Word with you! :)

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