Learning to be Content in the Blessings God has Given.

Being Content with What God Has Given Us

I am convinced that God enjoyed those six days of creation.

I don’t think any part of creation felt like a chore. In fact, I imagine Him creating with such glee, much like a small child who is so proud of what they can do, they yell for mom and dad to “Watch me! Look what I can do!” If God didn’t enjoy what He had created, don’t you think He would have stuck with one flower, rather than creating so many different kinds of flowers? What about when He made one daisy, loved it so much, that He created field after field of them?

I think God is a perfect model for what it means to take pride in our work, don’t you think? Yet His care, concern, and love stretched beyond those six days. He didn’t abandon His work in search of something else, instead, it seemed like He zooms in on Creation even further.

Have you noticed how He knows you and cares for you? Have you noticed how He cares and knows every little detail of our lives, even down to what we’re thinking RIGHT NOW?

Whenever I go to the store and I find something that reminds me of my kids or my husband, I’ll usually pick it up. It’s usually a small gift or a candy bar, but it’s something to let them know that I’m thinking of them and that I love them. The gift is also something that I know they’ll enjoy and appreciate.

The Bible talks about how God gives good gifts (Matthew 7:7-10). It also talks about how God knows us intimately (Psalm 139). So when we take stock of our blessings and we attempt to count them all, do you notice how He has gifted us so well with what (and who) we need, and with blessings we enjoy and appreciate? God knows us so well that I believe He sneaks in blessings in hopes that we’ll see them, much like when I gift my own children with small gifts. Do you always notice when He blesses you?

I feel that we don’t always notice these blessings due to our busyness and striving for more. We’re distracted with the search for more money, better jobs, bigger houses, etc. Do we notice the blessings God has already given us today? Do we slow down and find ourselves happy and content with what we’ve already been given?

Simply Gratitude

I want to be a person who is more bent on gratitude than on striving for something more or different. I want to be grateful, full of praise and worship to God who sees where I am right now, today and chooses to gift me with many blessings. I’m overwhelmed when I realize that He truly knows and cares for me and blesses me on top of it all, aren’t you? I don’t deserve such care and attention, yet He gives it all generously.

How about we make a point of slowing down and zooming in on our own little corner of the world, just like how God seems to zoom in on us. Let’s make a point of noticing our blessings, seeing how He has provided for us, and truly thanking Him for being Him.

The secret to being content in our blessings is that we first have to notice them. The second secret is that once we’ve noticed our blessings, that we rest in the knowledge that God’s care of us is complete.

So, what are you thanking Him for today? What blessings are you noticing that He has gifted you with?

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Can we give him thanks, praise, and worship for all the blessings He has already given today?