Introducing the Unexpected Series!!!!!

Introducing the Unexpected Series!

I'm so excited to be introducing this brand new series!! I've wanted to write on this blog for weeks but life seemed to have different plans.

As you know, I was preparing to start the Living Like Royalty series about a month ago. Things were all well and good until my family and I went out to my favorite restaurant in town, Taco Del Mar. We were happily eating our food when we noticed the oddest and devastating symptoms of my five-year-old son. It would seem like nothing to the casual observer, but we knew it was more. 

We had just been to a local department store when my son was begging us to go to the bathroom. We took him, and hardly two minutes after he returned from the bathroom, he's begging to go again. The department store is kiddie corner to Taco Del Mar. He was telling us how thirsty and hungry he was and begging to go to Taco Del Mar immediately. At this point, I chalked it up to him being impatient, but the constant bathroom going was a bit odd. 

So we're sitting in Taco Del Mar and he drinks his soda lightening fast. Think about every bar scene in every TV show/movie where the character drinks their drink in one gulp, slams their drink down and requests more. Except this is the average restaurant's small sized beverage. He finished two of these (the second one was water) in under 4 minutes and demanded more. Then he ran off to the bathroom constantly. He'd come back and beg for more to drink, he didn't care if it was soda, water, and honestly, I don't even think he would have cared if it were dirty mop water. He was desperate. 

My husband and mine's heart just sank. While we'd love to believe it was "no big deal" but we knew it was a major deal. He was showing the tell-tale symptoms of diabetes. My husband talked with his parents and in an hour my son had his first ever blood sugar check and it was off the charts. It was so high that the meter couldn't even register it beyond a "High Glucose" reading. It was estimated that he was over 600 (normal is 100). We headed off to the emergency room where the hospital's meter confirmed that he was over 600. 

He was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes (rarer and different from what we know of when we think of diabetes), forever insulin dependant, and admitted to the hospital in one fell swoop. Three days later, we took our sick little boy home tasked with the responsibility of counting carbs (in order of giving the right amount of insulin), administering insulin injections (a minimum of four a day), regular glucose checks (a minimum six a day), late night glucose checks (so lots of interrupted sleep), all in attempt to keep our child among the living. 

It hardly took any time before I declared "that this little type one diabetes experiment was fun, but I'm done now."

This journey has been exhausting. The endless sleepless nights were kicking my butt. That foggy brain feeling where there isn't much function outside of my brain screaming "I need sleep!" was overwhelming. Because of this and being unable to form a complete thought, I took a break from writing on this blog. One week turned into a month and now I'm back, ready to kick off this new series!

Instead of doing the Living Like Royalty series (coming in June), I am doing the Unexpected series. This series was birthed out of my whole last month. I never expected to be the mother of a type one diabetic. I never expected to ever have to give my children shots for ANY reason. Yet, here I am on this wonderful journey that has only brought me closer to my boys. 

The unexpected can be a good thing. It can be as beautiful as finding a large tree coming out of a rock face, or a rose growing out of a pile of manure. It can be as exciting as discovering a new animal species. It can be as moving as the beautiful road of forgiveness between enemies. The unexpected can be such a beautiful thing and THAT is exactly what this series will be focused on.

The Unexpected GOOD things we come across in life. 

I think about my own son and his journey. I read that prior to the discovery of insulin, the average type one diabetic lived for less than a year after diagnosis. I look at my sweet boy and think about how dealing with the annoyance of sleepless nights and pain of giving shots, it's absolutely nothing in comparison to the devastation of losing my boy entirely. To live without his silliness, his energizer bunny (on a major caffeine high) type energy, and his constant hugs and kisses is something that I would never want to experience. He's my dream baby. The baby who turned me into my life-long dream of being a mom. He's my baby who has defied the odds his whole life. 

While this diagnosis was unexpected, I'm so thankful for it. Without him being diagnosed, he wouldn't have the insulin he needs to survive. Insulin (while stinky) is our beautiful unexpected miracle in the midst of the scary and exhausting! 

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