I Trust You

Love Says... I Trust You

Love Says... I trust you.

The further and further I travel along in this life journey, I find that there is a constant question being asked. The Lord looks at me in various circumstances, situations, new endeavors and asks, "Do you trust me?" Sometimes my answer is a wholehearted YES without a trace of doubt. Other times my answer is "yes... but...." 

Have you been there? Can you relate? 

Maybe He's calling you to a new adventure. Maybe He's calling you to pack up your belongings and move to a location that you've never been to before. Maybe He's calling you to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable and unsure. The question is all the same... 

Do you trust Me?

On the subject of trust, there are so many people in the Bible that we can look at to examine their response to that age-old question, "Do you trust me?" Some people get it right on the very first try, others don't. Some people finally get it right after a few tries, others still don't. There is only one person in the Bible that I feel gives us such a beautiful view of simple trust in the Lord. She didn't understand everything perfectly, but she trusted that God knew what He was doing and she was willing to go along on the crazy adventure He called her to.

Read Luke 1:26-38

God was calling Mary to a hard life. This is something that I gloss over almost every time I read this story. Do we really understand what God was calling Mary to step into? Getting pregnant while engaged (betrothed) would have been seen as adultery (since the baby wasn't Joseph's). She lived in a culture where adultery could literally get you killed. God would appear to Joseph to explain His plan and to encourage Joseph to marry Mary, but Mary would still be living with the stares, the unkind words, and the judgment from others associated with her perceived sin. She knew all of this and still trusted God and His plan. She trusted Him to continue to be with her, to provide for her, and to protect her for Jesus' sake.  

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The thing about God's plan is that who Jesus would become, no matter what Mary and Joseph might ever say, would take thirty years for people to see the proof of who Jesus really was. Some people would never acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God. We even see Him being rejected in His own town by the people most familiar with who He truly is. It would take thirty-three years from the time of His birth to the fulfilled promise of Jesus "saving his people from their sins" (Matthew 1:21 ESV). Thirty-three years... The baby would be an adult by then. That's thirty to thirty-three years of the looks, the unkind words, the judgmental attitudes associated with her perceived sin. 

And Mary said, ‘Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.’
— Luke 1:38a ESV

Her trust in God was absolute. That's incredible to me. "Let it happen according to your word." That's what she would say. She doesn't end or even start that sentence with a timid, unsure, doubtful "but....." She willingly submits to His plan. 

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How is your own trust in God measuring up against hers? In her exact situation, I'm afraid I would respond with the timid, unsure, doubtful, "But...." Maybe I'd crack an unsettled joke about "seven billion people on this planet and I'm pretty sure you got me confused with another person with the same name." Uncomfortable and frightened would be my top emotions. They'd be followed by feelings of uncertainty.

There's one thing that I love about this exchange between Mary and Gabriel. He tells her that her cousin, Elizabeth has conceived a son "in her old age." He further says "For nothing will be impossible with God." God can handle a barren womb. God can make things happen where they don't really happen. Old ladies giving birth to babies? Young ladies giving birth while never having ever had sex. Nothing is impossible with God.


But do you notice... of all the people in Mary's world, Elizabeth would understand the weight of the impossible. Elizabeth would believe Mary when Mary speaks of God's impossible plan. They'd both be able to bond over God's ability to make the impossible possible. God's plan included a support system for Mary, in the midst of the negative ramifications of what people might say or do. Isn't that amazing. Mary wasn't alone. God was with her. He provided Elizabeth to be an encouragement for her, someone who would be excited with her.  

Here are some questions for us to ponder:

  1. Are we trusting in God's character? God has proved Himself trustworthy over and over again and we have a collection of stories that showcase that fact. The best way to get to know God's character is to read His Word.
  2. Sometimes God provides another person in our journey to be a source of encouragement, do you have that person? Do you notice who that is? Who is the person who focuses you on God's promises? 
  3. Maybe we need God to help us in our unbelief. Are you praying that God would give you the confidence to trust Him even when things feel really uncertain and scary?

Mary trusted God wholeheartedly and willingly. She stepped into some scary looking circumstances with God's amazing peace and with full trust that God knew exactly what He was doing. Are we trusting that God knows exactly what He's doing and that He's doing His best for our lives? God doesn't fly by the seat of His pants, He has proven to be very intentional with His plans. 

When things get scary, look into the eyes of God. Let the peace that surpasses understanding overwhelm your heart and mind!

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
— Philippians 4:7 ESV

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Love Says... I Trust You
Love Says... I Trust You
Nothing is impossible with God!
God doesn't fly by the seat of His pants