I Forgive You

I Forgive You | Momma's Living Room
...It {Love} keeps no record of being wronged.
— 1 Corinthians 13:5b

Today we are continuing our new series, Let's Talk About Love. I'm really excited to talk about Eve today! Her story isn't a stranger to this blog, be sure to check out our other post here

Eve's is a widely known woman. She's the second human to ever be created and the very first woman. She's also known for her sin, the eating of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (hello prepositional phrases!). The same tree that God had told both Adam and Eve to avoid (Genesis 2:16-17). There's a lot of her story that receives less emphasis. 

Love Says... I forgive you. | Momma's Living Room

We can actually split her story into three parts. 

Part one: The Perfect Part

We get hung up on her sin. We diminish the life she had prior to her sin. We forget that she WALKED with God in the cool of the garden. We forget that she had a perfect relationship with God AND her husband. (Can we say "relationship goals"?!) Everything good and perfect that she ever was, her life before her sin, is forgotten. But before we move on, let's just take a minute and soak up the perfect part. Let's take some time and imagine the perfect life, free from pain, free from grief, free from sin. Let's consider that you could lay out her every thought and her every emotion on the table and not find a single thing that she should feel ashamed for. This is what life was like before sin entered the picture. 

Part Two: The Sin Part

We get so focused on her part in the sin and fail to see a woman who was unprotected by her protector. We get hung up on the fact that she talked to the serpent and was enticed by his deceitful words. We don’t stop and question Adam’s part. We don’t stop and wonder what in the world he was doing as he stood next to her, also being enticed by the serpent’s words. He didn’t do his part, he didn’t protect her, and he never once questioned the serpent. 

How different could their story have been had Adam spoken up against the serpent's deceit? We worry too much about our loved one's feelings and prioritize not offending them over protecting them from the grief and heartache that come with sin. What were the consequences of Adam NOT speaking up here? Have we considered the consequences of their sin? The consequences of their sin were that it was the beginning of ALL sin, suffering, and pain, along with spiritual death and physical death for the ENTIRE human race. Our sins don't just affect us, they have the potential to hurt the people around us. Our choice to not speak up can have serious consequences!! 

Part Three: The Forgiveness Part

What about after her sin? What about forgiveness? Her story doesn’t end with her sin. Her story of sin ends with forgiveness. Have you ever noticed that Eve isn't actually named until AFTER she sins and AFTER the consequences for her sin is handed to her? I think this actually makes her name even more beautiful. Adam names his wife Eve, which means life-giver. He acknowledges that she would be the mother of all the humans, all the living. Why is this beautiful?

Think about it. He could have blamed her for giving into the serpent's deceitful words. In fact, he kind of does in one part of this story (Genesis 3:12). What I'm pointing out is that when he named her, he showed no malice. When he named her, he left behind her sin and the consequences of her sin, he didn't hold it against her. He could have named her something that meant "fruit eater" or "deceiver" or "gullible" instead, her name meant life-giver (Genesis 3:20). "Sinner" or "screw up" or "mistake maker" could be the name that God gave you and me, instead (when we accept His forgiveness), He calls us "child." He calls us "family." He calls us "loved." Adam called her life-giver. To me, this is a beautiful act of love that says, "I forgive you. I don't hold your past mistakes against you." 

"Sinner" or "screw up" or "mistake maker" could be the name that God gave you and me, instead, He calls us "child." He calls us "family." He calls us "loved." | Momma's Living Room

A huge lesson in the wake of forgiveness is realizing that God still cared about her (Genesis 3:21). In fact, God still cares about all of us, even when we sin. He sent his son to die on a cross for our sin, long before we sought His forgiveness. After Adam and Eve's sin, God made clothes for them. I think this is really thoughtful when viewed in light of Adam and Eve's nakedness. They had sinned and the first thing they notice is how naked they were. It's comforting to me that God saw their nakedness and cared for their need. He cared for them and he showed it tangibly. 

When you have wronged someone, do you wrestle with the question of whether or not the other person to walk out the door, never to look back? Do you wonder if the person still cares for you? Notice that God didn't abandon them. He dealt with their imperfection. He spoke in a language that they couldn't misinterpret or misunderstand. He loved them. He cared for their needs. His grace is big enough to cover all of our sins. 

God still cares about all of us, even when we sin. He sent his son to die on a cross for our sin, long before we sought His forgiveness. | Momma's Living Room

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