How Praying for Your Lesson Makes It Better

How Praying for Your Lesson Makes It Better!

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May these 9-total weeks gift you with ideas to create your very own children's Bible study! 

Shall we continue on with Week 2?

how praying for your lesson makes it Better

Have you ever sat down to begin preparing for a lesson and just felt stuck

Maybe the lesson lacked some "umph" that would create some excitement in your own self. 

Maybe you're stuck on what kind of topic to teach. 

Maybe you're overwhelmed by the vast number of activities, applicable Scripture references, and craft ideas that you hardly feel the freedom to step forward with any measure of confidence. 

Maybe you're stuck on an entirely different level. Maybe you feel unqualified to step up in front of one child, or many, and teach them about our mysterious God. Maybe you question whether or not the lesson you're looking at is the right lesson for this moment or if it will even have an impact. 

It's easy to gloss over this incredibly important tool at your disposal. The simple ability to approach our Father God and ask for direction, courage, and for His Will to be done. 

We both know that God knows all of us, even these little children, better than even our own mothers know us. We know that He loves us more than any other person on the face of this planet. But best of all, He is thrilled to introduce Himself to each student and every child who wishes to know Him. And as much as He is available for those we are teaching, He is available to us as well. 

This is why I'm taking a moment to remind you of the importance of prayer. 

Those activities and crafts that fly at your face from your screen in abundance, God will lead you to just the right activity or craft for where your students are right here and now.

That topic that seems to elude you, God will highlight it and bring it to your heart and mind with clarity and passion.

The fountain of applicable Scripture verses, God will illuminate the right verses for you to teach that will lead those kids to Him.

That lack of courage you feel, don't forget that the same God who led David to face and defeat the giant, is the same God who leads you into that classroom and into this precious conversation about Him. Rely on His strength, not your own. 

See how prayer makes the lesson better? The One who was present in every story we read is also the One who leads us in our Bible study lessons. How incredible is that? Even more incredible is that He knows exactly what each of us needs to hear at exactly the right time. When we allow God to lead us in our preparation, He will allow us in the most powerful executions of that lesson. 

Don't Forget Your Freebies!

Let's take this prayer thing a little further. 

When you're in that classroom or in that conversation with your child, make prayer a part of the conversation. Bring prayer into your lesson. Ask your student(s) if they have anything they want to talk to God about. Ask if they have any needs at home. Share your own needs and have everyone pray together. But don't leave things off there! Each week, ask your student(s) how God answered their prayer. Encourage the child to really pay attention to God's ever-present presence. Prove to them, through asking, that God truly hears their prayers, knows their needs, and answers their prayers. 

See how powerful prayer is?! 

Isn't God truly incredible? I'm often humbled and awed by His goodness and His faithfulness, especially when preparing and teaching a Bible lesson!

Let's Discuss!
How has prayer impacted your own preparation and teaching of a Bible lesson?