Help! I Want To Learn How To Make My Own Children's Bible Study!

Make Your Own Children's Bible Study

This idea of making a Bible study into "my own" began when I was in youth group.

At 15, I was a part of a ministry team that would periodically take over a children's ministry for a Sunday. There were many lessons that I learned from that experience. I remember my youth pastor looking at us (many of us wanted to be in ministry of some kind when we grew up) and telling us that if we couldn't teach the Bible to kids, that we didn't belong in ministry. Why? Because you really can't mess up. The most awkward person in the world can stand in front of a few children (or a group) and have the most splendid time learning about the Bible's amazing stories alongside those youngsters. 

On those days of ministry to kids, so many of us were so nervous and he gently reminded us that we really couldn't mess up. That even if we did mess up, those kids would still love us and even look forward to the next time we would teach.

The other thing I learned that day was that you had to check your "coolness" at the door. Children's ministry really isn't a place for ego. And if you really want to reach the heart of a child, you've got to be a little silly, be willing to have fun, and be willing to be humbled in the best ways imaginable. 

Then a few years later, I actually started teaching a children's Sunday school class. I taught it for a few years. It didn't take long for me to be SO BORED with the curriculum handed to me. It took me three months-ish to realize that the curriculum just repeats every three months. And at my one-year mark, I could tell you what the object lesson and activity or snack idea was coming up just by looking at the lesson's title. How terrible of a position to be in when you, the teacher, are so absolutely bored with the curriculum? I mean, what happened to having fun and bringing some excitement and energy to the group of people filled with excitement and energy! 

The lesson and take away from this is that if I, as the teacher, am bored and not having fun, chances are high the kids are even more bored with the curriculum than we are! Where there's boredom and lifelessness in teaching the Bible, there's a bunch of people not actually learning anything from the Bible.

Then, six years ago, I became a mom. I was a mom and at the same time I was a children's ministry leader for preschool kids. The most frustrating part of children's ministry, to me, is that as a church we get sucked into this idea that young children can't learn. Yet, we know from every other source of information that young children are CONSTANTLY learning! Their brains are growing and developing and these young ones are opportunities missed by so many churches! Did you know that a child who can talk can also memorize Scripture? Did you know that babies can learn songs? 

That experience taught me about the value of taking control of my child's introduction to God and the Bible. It taught me to think about where he's at and how to use what he understands of the world and point him to God through those experiences. 

So where are you in your journey of writing children's Bible studies?

Are you just setting out and exploring what it means to take a lesson and make it your own?

Are you the bored teacher looking for excitement and energy for your children's ministry?

Are you the mom or dad who wants to take control of your child's spiritual health?

Wherever you are, you've come to the right place.

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Over the next 8 weeks, we will be exploring seven different areas of our Children's Bible Study:

  1. The Importance of Praying for Your Lesson

  2. The lesson's objective.

  3. Introducing your lesson.

  4. The Bible Lesson.

  5. Memory verse and games.

  6. Crafts and Activities.

  7. Snack Ideas

  8. Wrapping Up the Lesson

When You're Excited About Your Lesson...

When I decided to create my own Children's Bible Study for preschool aged kids, I found myself excited at what was being taught. I was thrilled with my crafts, I looked forward to teaching the lesson, and even the snack time would cause me to giggle in delight. My students were excited and talked about the lesson during the week with their parents! What was even better is that when I had other teachers helping me, who were equally excited. They even remarked about how excited they were about the teaching the lesson! How's that for fun! When the teachers are learning and the kids are learning, you know that you've got a winning lesson, right?!

Whether you are wanting to create your own curriculum or just amp up a curriculum you're already using, this series will be quite useful to you!

But let's not wait for next week to begin! Be sure to grab my super-secret lesson outline and my FREE Being Brave Children's Bible Study.

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