God's Faithfulness Means You Never Walk Alone (Part Two)

God's Faithfulness Means You Never Walk Alone Part 2

Recently, I had the honor and privilege of writing a guest post about God's faithfulness and what it meant during a time of crisis. I shared the intimate details of my son's type one diabetes diagnosis. I had written the post a couple of months ago and had the opportunity to read it again. I was struck by how there is so much more to our story. There is so much more to this story because God is not done writing it. Consider this post a "part two" of what I've learned about God's faithfulness since my son's diagnosis.

Type one diabetes is a journey that until there is a cure, it will be a part of the rest of my son's life. I've learned since his diagnosis that prior to the discovery of insulin, people with type one diabetes lived less than a year after diagnosis. 

My son had a three-day stay in the hospital once diagnosed. It was such a whirlwind of stress, confusion, and guilt that I couldn't help but pray the entire time. I couldn't help but cry out to God to just help me to make sense of what was happening. I fought against the diagnosis in my own heart, demanding that God come up with a simple fix that would mean that my son wouldn't have this life-long disease. I was confused and in shock. The biggest comfort in all of it was hearing God clearly tell me that He was calling my son to walk through this new journey. I don't know how long my son will have to walk through it. I don't know how far off that cure is. I do know that God doesn't plan to miraculously cure him BECAUSE, for whatever reason, God has called my boy to walk out this diagnosis. 

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There is comfort in knowing that I don't have to chase down every so-called "miracle cure." There was and is great comfort in facing the world with this knowledge. Why? Because so many people have approached us about placing my son on a special diet would cure him (which is not true). It has been comforting to be able to rest in the confidence that God has my son in His hands and in His will. While I don't know every part of God's plan for my son's life, I walk in confidence that God has a plan and purpose for it. 

Moving beyond the hospital, in these last seven months, I have had multiple moments where I think, "We shouldn't be having this moment." My son is already beyond the honeymoon stage, which means that his body is no longer producing insulin. I look ahead to his birthday in December and find myself so thankful. We shouldn't be having this beautiful milestone of celebrating a birthday. If it wasn't for the discovery of insulin, we would likely be remembering a life rather than celebrating his future. These moments of realization humble me. They truly make me appreciate the fragility of life. 

You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me.
— Psalm 139:5 ESV

Here's what I've learned about God's faithfulness since diagnosis:

My son's diagnosis was never a shock to God. Psalm 139 assures me that God knows every part of my son's life. While my son was still in my womb, God was knitting together his body with the knowledge and understanding that type one diabetes would eventually be in the mix. God goes ahead of us, just like He guided the Israelites in the desert. He knows what is ahead of us. He is aware of what surrounds us. He is aware of the fear and uncertainty in our hearts and minds. None of our journeys have caught God off guard. 

God's presence brings calm, comfort, and confidence. Jeremiah 29:13 shares the promise that when we seek God, we will find Him. While feeling lost, confused, stressed, and anxious, I sought God and He answered me. He shared that my son would have to walk through this, at least for a while. I don't know how long, but I am confident in God's faithfulness. I'm confident that God won't abandon us to walk this journey without Him. I'm confident in God's very present presence. 

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God is present in His blessings. In reading my Bible, I have come to believe that God is present in His blessings. When He gives us a beautiful gift, His hand is attached to it. I don't think God ding-dong-ditches the gifts He gives to us. I don't think He drops them and runs. I think God sticks around to see how we will respond. I think He watches our reaction with excitement. Looking at Luke 17:11-19, I think He cares about our responses and our words of gratitude. I pray that for every moment of realization that "we shouldn't be having this moment" is coupled with a simple "thank you, God." I pray that the gratitude I feel never fades as time passes. 

As I reflect back on those first few days, I'm so thankful that God was right by my side. I'm so thankful that I never questioned His presence and that I never felt abandoned or alone. I'm so thankful for God's very present presence, aren't you?

Are you on a similar health journey? Share with me what you have learned about God's faithfulness!