Exciting Ways You Can Encourage Kids to Memorize Scripture

Encouraging Kids to Memorize Scripture AND Have Fun!

Scripture. We’ve heard of its importance. Maybe we’ve known this all our lives or only for a little while. We know it’s useful for training, discipline, encouragement, comfort, and so much more. We know that the words written in this Living Book could give words to the chaos we feel inside our own soul as we pray to our Father.

Yet, sometimes, we might look at Scripture memory in a less-than-important light. We look at a lonely verse and decide that it’s not important enough to bother others with this duty to memorize Scripture.

Wait… did you notice, though? We just talked about how it’s useful. We’ve talked about how it’s even vital to our Christian walk, but then we’re not going to encourage others (even small children) to memorize Scripture?

One thing I’ve told my youth groups is that it is truly important to memorize Scripture. Maybe we need to recall that important verse to speak life and truth into someone else’s chaos, grief, and struggle, but we don’t have the written Word with us. Maybe we live in a country where having a Bible is next to impossible, if not, dangerous. Maybe, like the apostles, we find ourselves locked in prison. Would we find God’s Word readily available if/when we need it?

But, if we had God’s Word hidden in our hearts, it would change everything. Wouldn’t it?

Comfort would be a thought or a whisper away. Wisdom and truth completely available to you when you need it. Words for your prayers when you’re struggling to find the right words to speak, would be found in that hidden treasure chest inside your heart.

Why would we withhold this precious gift from our students?

Did you know that memorizing Scripture can not only be fun, but it can also be easy too?

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Let’s talk about a few ways we can make Scripture Memory exciting as we encourage our students to Hide God’s Word in their Hearts

Make it Silly!

One of my favorite ways to memorize Scripture with kids is to use silly voices. They say the verse one time normally. Then they say it high pitched. Then they say it really low. See where I’m going with it? They can say the verse in different accents, in different moods, or even in the voices of their favorite characters! By repeating the verse over and over and over again (and laughing in the process), they usually can have the verse down pat in a few minutes. Of course, this depends on the length of the verse.

Turn it into a Game!

There are TONS of games you can play that can help you memorize Scripture. You can turn tic tac toe into a Scripture memory game. You can have a group of kids form a circle and speak the verse one word at a time. Use a ball they can toss to include those who seem like they’re losing focus. You can do relays. There are many creative games we can come up with on the fly. Remember, the more active the kids are, the less of a “chore” it seems and that verse is being hidden in their hearts before your very eyes!

Turn it into a competition

Whether there are multiple kids or just one, keep track of how many verses the kids memorize. At the end of your series, whoever has memorized all the verses can win a pizza party, a few bucks, or a motivating prize.

The point is…

Memorizing Scripture doesn’t have to be a chore. Memorizing Scripture can be a fun and exciting part of your lesson! And what can be better than hiding God’s Word in your heart in a fun and memorable way?

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