Choosing to be Thankful in Every Circumstance

Choosing to be Thankful in Every Circumstance

Today’s post is an excerpt from our brand new 10-day devotional, Simply Gratitude. The entire devotional talks about finding gratitude even in the unexpected seasons of life. May this post bless you and encourage you today!

Choosing to be Thankful in Every Circumstance

Read Acts 5:38-42, James 1:2-4

Is your gratitude and ability to praise limited to when things are going well?

  • In the midst of a job promotion.

  • In the midst of simply being recognized for the hard work that we’ve done at church, for a charity, or for the work we do at home for our families.

  • In the midst of a good day at home with our little charges. 

  • When everyone is healthy. When we’re healthy.

But what if all of this were to change? Could we still praise?

Could we still praise and be thankful if we were demoted at work? When our efforts go unnoticed and taken for granted? When our little angels are acting more like little hellions? When we’re unhealthy?

The apostles saw the highs and lows and in the midst of the lows were able to walk away, after being beaten, and find joy and gratitude in their own suffering. They were in awe that God would allow them to suffer for Jesus’ sake. They rejoiced that “they were counted worthy to suffer dishonor for the name.” (Acts 5:41 ESV) 

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What a completely different perspective, don’t you think? When we read James 1:2-4, we see this entirely different perspective laid out in front of our eyes. Could we look at our present sufferings as a tool to make us more like Jesus? When we realize that even our sufferings draw us closer to Him, we suddenly discover a reason to be thankful, even in the hard times. 

Suddenly, we find a reason to be thankful at all times and not just in the good times. Suddenly, it’s possible to praise God, even when things don’t seem to be going our way. 

Next time we go through a difficult season, let’s look for the joy. Let’s look for a reason to rejoice in our circumstances. 


  • How do the apostles’ response to their difficult circumstances change your view on your own circumstances? How does it inform your gratitude?

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