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When Love Moves Your Heart and Feet

I love how Abraham's faith moved his feet. God calls him to just follow Him and Abraham obeys even though the end destination is unclear. He's just told that he's to follow God to a place where God would later show him. Later in this same passage, he's told, "To your offspring I will give this land." Yet, despite having no offspring to speak of, Abraham willingly obeys God and continues to walk in His footsteps. 

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When Love is Visibly Seen and Physically Felt

Jesus went around talking a lot of what the kingdom of heaven was like. He, Himself, was a visual representation of how valuable the kingdom of heaven really was. He showed us what true love really was by the way that He lived. Love like His had never been experienced so tangibly. I’m not forgetting the whole Old Testament and how God so beautifully preserved and cared for His people. I’m talking about the tangible love that was on display before the world. Tangible in the sense that people could touch him. Children could climb into his lap and listen to his heart beating or that sound of laughter from inside His chest. I’m talking about His touch that could heal any disease. He could physically lift up the head that was bowed in shame and show the recipient His total and complete love for them. Tangible. His love was visibly seen and physically felt. 

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Distinguishing Between the Genuine and the Counterfeit

One day, my mom and I went to the store, came out and the vending machines were all out of regular Dr. Pepper. I think there might have been one real one left, and then she made the decision to try the Diet Dr. Pepper. They taste the same, right? Keep in mind, I'm pretty sure that my mom (in various seasons of her life) has survived on Dr. Pepper. She drinks a lot of it. She is very familiar with how the real stuff is supposed to taste. 

She took one sip of the diet Dr. Pepper and immediately regretted it. I took a sip (remember, it was a new and novel thing) and we both can attest to the fact that Diet Dr. Pepper is NOT the same as regular Dr. Pepper. When you've tasted the REAL thing, nothing else even compares!

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Choosing to Truly See the Overlooked Ones

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? You're faced with the unknowns of your situation, scared out of your mind wondering "how am I supposed to do this? God, do you see me?" These are the wrong moments for someone to come in and ask, "How are you?" as they walk away without hearing the answer. These are the wrong moments to be made to feel invisible. "God, do you see me? Do you see the unknowns of my situation? Only you know."

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When Our Motivation is Genuine Love

Have you ever noticed that Jesus is so motivated by love?

He came into this world out of love (John 3:16). He laid down his life for us out of love. He is slow to return out of love. He ate with sinners, healed the sick, delivered the oppressed, fed thousands, all out of love. His life teaches us that when we're motivated by love, we can truly impact the world.

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True Love's Strong Commitment to Loyalty

Ruth made a very strong commitment to loyalty. There is no mention of any regrets, in fact, the opposite is true. She lived up to her promises! She chose loyalty to Naomi and in return, God richly blessed her with a husband, a future, and a legacy. Even in her own lineage, God would bring forth the Savior, the Messiah, Jesus Christ!

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