Burnt Out on Homemaking?

Are You Burnt Out In Your Homemaking


I just wanted to give you a bit of a heads up. Each Monday in the month of March we’re going to be discussing the times when we feel burnt out in our homemaking. Hospitality, homemaking, all of it is a real ministry and all of it can potentially cause seasons of burn out, or as I like to call it, the ‘I don’t wanna’s.” How do you handle these seasons? How can you reposition your heart and mind to find passion in homemaking and hospitality again? Each week, I’ll be sharing a few thoughts on overcoming the season of burnout.  

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Burnt Out on Hospitality and Homemaking?

The Importance of the Sabbath

Read Mark 2:23-28

Have you ever been there? Have you ever looked at your house, noticing your growing to-do list and all you can feel in that moment is that huge weight on your shoulders that weaken your resolve to get anything done? 

I usually refer to this feeling as the “I don’t wanna’s.” I find myself wanting to do anything else but what lays at my feet. I don’t feel like cleaning the house or making meals for my family. I don’t feel like coming face to face with the mystery liquids on my bathroom floor as I try to clean up the mess for the umpteenth time that day! 

I find my body and my spirit so tired in these moments and in these seasons. Do you?

In the middle of an “I don’t wanna” season, I came across Mark 2:27 where Jesus tells His listeners that the Sabbath was made for us, that we weren’t made for the Sabbath. When we go back to the very first Sabbath, what do we see? We see God resting on the seventh day. Sabbath is synonymous with Rest. Do you incorporate rest into your daily routine? Do you incorporate a day of rest into your weekly routine?

When I go through these seasons where the weight of ministry and responsibility from managing a household overwhelm me, the first thing I look at is how much have I been incorporating rest into the day and week? So many times we go-go-go until we can’t go anymore. 

Do you realize that we can go further, longer, with more passion and drive and enthusiasm, when we incorporate regular periods of rest into our lives? 

We’ll find the energy to tackle Mount Washmore when we make time for rest. We’ll find the enthusiasm for preparing our family’s meals when we incorporate rest. Rest truly benefits us physically, mentally, and spiritually! 

Even more, when we read Jesus’ response in Mark 2, we’ll notice that Sabbath is more than just rest. Sabbath is more than a well-placed nap! The Sabbath is a day (or a time during the day) to worship the Lord. Consider our blessings, consider everything about the Lord, and simply thank Him. The Sabbath is a day to focus our hearts and our minds on the Lord. 

During this conversation, we see the Pharisees looking at the Sabbath as a chore on their list or an item to check off. When they started viewing the Sabbath as a chore or a list of rules, they completely missed God’s heart for this sacred day. 

When we look at our ministries as a chore, are we also completely missing God’s heart?

If you’re finding yourself burnt out in your homemaking, consider:

  • Where is my focus? Am I focused on the Lord or on all the chores?

  • Have I incorporated regular times to rest and worship into my daily and weekly schedule?

  • When I consider my home, my family, and these ministries, what am I thankful for?

  • Have I left God out of my ministry?

When we start feeling like our ministries are chores, we are completely missing God’s heart. We’re missing God’s heart for us, for our family, for our home, and for the world around us. Take time to pray and ask the Lord to reveal where you have potentially left Him out, where you may have gotten a bit off-focused, and to reveal what His heart is. Ask Him to revive your passion for Him, for His ministry, and for your home. Ask for specific steps to put Him back into His spot, as Lord over your heart and your home. 

Maybe the “I don’t wanna” season will end sooner than expected!


  • What do you do when you’re experiencing burn out?

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