Are you looking to bloom in the waiting, difficult, and unsure
seasons of life?

Are you longing to make every season of life profitable for God's sake?
Join us as we dive into three hard seasons that we can yield to the Lord to be used by Him and for Him!

Bloom Devotional

Introducing this 4-day bloom devotional!

Have you ever heard that quote, "Bloom where you're planted"? Maybe you're looking at it now wondering exactly how do you bloom in these hard seasons? How do you bloom when life just gets hard?

I truly believe that every season, hard or easy, is a season that can be productive when yielded to the Lord and His direction. 

Do you believe that, too?

The BLOOM series is designed to take a hard look at three difficult seasons of life with the intention of using them to be productive for Jesus. Those difficult seasons are:

  • The Waiting Season

  • The Difficult Season

  • The Unsure Season

My prayer is that in each day of this devotional that we would all yield our hearts to the Lord for His use. That no matter what season we find ourselves in, that we'll finish them knowing that we were productive. May He truly show us how to Bloom in the unlikely seasons of waiting, difficult, and unsure seasons!

Here's what you need to complete this FREE devotional:

The Downloadable PDF, about 15-20 minutes of your time each day, and an open heart.

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Don't Forget!

Don't forget to invite a friend or two (or more) to do this devotional with you! Reading God's Word with friends is not only fun, but it's also a chance to learn some extra tidbits as you discuss what God is speaking to you.