An Unexpected Journey

Are you facing something you didn't see coming?

How will the unexpected and surprising truths in this devotional impact your faith journey?

An Unexpected Journey

Introducing This 15-Day Unexpected Journey Devotional!

This devotional was born out of an unexpected diagnosis. When I first began writing this devotional, my oldest son was just diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I entered into this unexpected journey with incredible fear, much grief, but with an unexplainable confidence in God and His care for my family. 

My journey has many unexpected moments. The unexpected reality of mothering a special needs child and the unexpected blessings of moments "we shouldn't have" with this precious boy. 

That diagnosis set me on an unexpected journey as I opened my Bible and read of person after person who faced unexpected circumstances with unexpected faith and wisdom. 

Opening my Bible opened my eyes to the incredible treasure chest of unexpected and surprising truths that impacted my faith (and continue to impact my faith). 

My prayer is that whether your unexpected experience is a good one or a tough one, that this series will open your eyes to God's incredible goodness! May your faith be changed forever as you dive deeper into your relationship with God and discover (better) who He is!

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Don't forget to invite a friend or two (or more) to do this devotional with you! Reading God's Word with friends is not only fun, but it's also a chance to learn some extra tidbits as you discuss what God is speaking to you.